2014 Delhi – Michelle Flickinger

Raising Up A Mighty Army

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are” -1 Corinthians 1:27-28

If there was one way to sum up my missions trip to New Delhi, India it would be seeing New Philadelphia Church’s vision statement come to life: “Raising up an army of mighty warriors.” With each ministry contact, I saw this vision continually highlighted over and over. But this is not just a typical army that God is building up in India—He is using the ones who are looked down upon, the ones who are considered low and despised by worldly standards, the ones who are considered hopeless. These are the ones that God has chosen to raise up at this hour and to bring revival to the nation of India.

The first portion of our trip was spent at Grace Home, an orphanage run by Pastor John of Native Partners for World Mission. It was through the ministry time at Grace Home that God began to open my eyes to how He is raising up young children and teenagers to change the nation of India. It is easy to see these children and just focus on how cute and adorable they are, but God quickly showed me the power that He has placed inside each of them. He spoke clearly that these children are not to be overlooked due to their background or even their age.

For the second portion of our trip we worked with Pastor Letlal, another local contact through Native Partners for World Mission. Pastor Letlal is originally from Manipur (a state in Northeast India) and is currently pastoring a church in Delhi. His congregation is made up of people from Manipur who have migrated to Delhi for schooling and work. Manipuris are an ethnic minority in India. They often face serious discrimination and sometimes even racially-motivated violence in the major cities of India. As our team was ministering to the Manipuri youth, God was again opening up my eyes to see how He was raising up the ones whom the world may deem unworthy, and establishing them as ones who are strong and mighty in Him. As the team ministered, we saw the chains of the religious spirit, brought upon hopelessness and apathy, being broken off as the Spirit was being poured out. In just two nights we saw lives completely transformed—the youth looked visibly different as joy, purpose, and hope was restored into their lives. Such is the power of the Holy Spirit at work!

The ministries that we worked with are completely different, yet God was revealing something powerful. Not only is He raising up a mighty army to bring the Kingdom into India in greater measure, but He is also going to the ones who are deemed lowly, weak, and unworthy to show His power and glory. He is turning orphans into powerful sons, and lifting up the weak and oppressed and to become carriers of influence and justice.

Through this trip, I feel like God wanted to show me how much His heart burns for India. He showed me how to step into greater faith to see with spiritual eyes instead of being dismayed by what is seen in the natural. While teaching at Grace Home I got the opportunity to pray with the students whom I had been teaching for the whole week. I taught the youngest children- those ranging from kindergarten to grade 2. During one of my first classes I asked them what their dreams were—what did they want to be or do when they got older? Many responded with singer, dancer, teacher, and there were a couple who wanted to be a pastor. Then on my last teaching day God gave me a small glimpse into what He is doing in the children’s lives during the small amount of time we had spent together. I told the children that I wanted to pray for them and for their dreams. When I asked them to draw a picture and tell me again their dream so I could pray more specifically, many of them had changed their answer into wanting to become pastors. When I asked one of the second grade boys in particular why he changed his dream to becoming a pastor, he responded by saying “I want to teach the Bible and share about God all over India.” I was surprised and deeply moved. Day by day, God is searching and calling forth ones who will be fully abandoned to His calling, to join His army to tear down strongholds and set captives free. Not only across Grace Home but across Delhi and India, there are many that are willing and responding. Praise the Lord.


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