2014 Delhi – Mercy Dean

The Flag Bearer

“See I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to a place I have prepared.” -Exodus 23:20

After one night of ministry to the Kuki people, our team got together the next morning to intercede. As we prayed Pastor Marcus broke out into prophesy where he said to me “Mercy, you are a Flag Bearer.” At first I was like what? But I was determined to understand what this meant. And when I thought about this in the context of a battle, I realized that the Flag Bearer in the army always goes first. And not only that but the flag standing tall represents hope. I was being called to be a forerunner. As I continued to meditate on this, I wondered how God would use me in this way.

As the team walked back into the church we all could sense the religious spirit that we had battled that morning in the place of prayer, and now we were all ready to fight it right before us. But first I needed to stand on stage and lead a time of VBS, or children’s ministry. I walked on stage and although I had done this before, I sensed a difference in me. I was a flag bearer, I had to go first and break off the solemn atmosphere. I stood up and did that. Through the songs and dancing, there was a fresh joy released over the congregation.

Pastor Paul then went up and confronted the religious spirit head on. But God was not done with me. After the message, I was told to lead a small group for the first time. And although I was nervous, I really felt the grace of God upon me. Out of everyone in my small group, one girl stuck out. Her name was Vahsi and she was in tears the whole time as we talked about God’s fathership and relationship with His children. I knew that this some something God was going to reveal more deeply to Vahsi. She even shared with me that she was going to get trained up through YWAM (a missions organization) next month. I felt Vahsi’s love for God, and that she truly desired an intimate relationship with Him. Not only that but before the evening service even started, Pastor Marcus, picked out Vahsi to pray over her. I knew God was really starting to stir up something in this girl.

After Pastor Marcus’ message on joining the army of God, he called the team up to pray over people. It was strange because no matter how much I prayed the fire of God, Holy Spirit would not really be stirring up manifestations of His presence. Yet when I looked back at the people I had prayed over and saw them prayed over by other team members, that person would be on the ground under weight of God’s glory. My prayers were breaking the ice.

After the first altar call, Pastor Marcus gave a second altar call for those who felt called into full time ministry. Vahsi went up and I watched as PM and other pastors prayed over her. But God was not finished yet. As the service was closing up, Vahsi came up to me with tears in her eyes. She looked at me and asked me about the prayer language we were speaking, as we were all praying in tongues as we ministered at the altar. And then Vahsi told me that while she was receivng prayer from the team, suddenly she herself started to speak in tongues! I was overjoyed. I reminded Vahsi about Pentecost and what the Bible said about the power of praying in the Spirit. We rejoiced together. I have never been so touched before. Watching Vahsi break free from religious work, to a personal, intimate relationship with God was so similar to the transformation that I myself had experienced. And seeing how God had used me to break though the religious atmosphere, speak to Vahsi first before she was prayed for, and then finishing it off by me being first to hear about Vahsi receiving gift of tongues… it was all such a perfect gift. God is so good.

After my time ministering in Delhi I really feel that we need to pray by closing up the work that God has done in this church. A lot of the youth received full time ministry calls on their lives. Pray that when they go back to Manipur, they will go back as God’s army. Also, pray for Pastor Letlal as he is the head pastor of these youth. Pray that he will be a powerful leader and spiritual father to these youth. Continue to warfare for the people of Manipur since they had major attacks from the enemy during this trip. There was a lot of religious tension stirring up within the Manipuri Baptist churches, in addition to increased violence both in Manipur state itself and specifically within the Manipuri community in Delhi. Our team may have stayed in New Delhi, but we are still called team Manipur.

This trip was my first trip and God used it powerfully. New Philadelphia is a church that carries is the forerunner anointing and what better way of showing that then God taking the first timer, new leader and putting in her the grace to forerun what He needed to do during the ministry time? Also, my name itself holds the meaning of what God wanted to give to the people of Manipur. He wanted them to see His mercy. This name is a symbol of hope to these people that his love is merciful not religious. God had called me the Flag Bearer all I needed to do was walk in that identity.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support to make this trip a reality. Thank you releasing blessing not only over the people of India, but also allowing a great transformation to happen in me as well. Thank you so much.

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