2014 Delhi – Jisu Choi

God of the Best

Team Manipur received news two days before departure that our trip to Manipur was cancelled and that therefore we would stay in Delhi for the entirety of our time in India. This sort of sudden change was not only unexpected, but also previously unheard of in our missions ministry. Nevertheless our team took it as an invitation to see God move even more powerfully in Delhi.
And just as God was doing something new with our schedule, this missions season felt new to me on a personal level as well. For the first time out of 6 trips with New Philly, mission prep was difficult for me- to the point where I seriously considered dropping out of the team. I felt frustration in every area in my life and I just could not develop a genuine heart for India. But God turned everything upside down and completely transformed my life through our ministry times at an orphanage, a diaspora church, a local church of recent Hindu converts to Christianity, and a prestigious institution in Delhi called Mount Carmel School.

India is often described as a very spiritually dark and intense nation due to its culturally and historically Hindu roots. Persecution toward Christians still exists today and persists in the cruelest ways. What is interesting, however, is that India was the first nation in Asia to receive the Gospel. In 52AD, it is believed that the Apostle Thomas travelled to South India to preach the Gospel and was later martyred for his faith in the city of Chennai. There is an incredible remnant of God’s people in India. They are being raised up as mighty warriors, and God desires to pour out not just a little, but the fullness of His Spirit upon India.

Our team ministry looked very different at each church we visited, but indeed God didn’t fail to pour out the fullness of His blessings and His Spirit each time. Whether it was at Grace Home orphanage or a local church further away in New Delhi, God continued to show up and remind us that He desired His children and only wanted the best for them. This was true on a personal level as well. Every single sermon preached spoke directly to me and I’ve never cried and laughed so much on a missions trip in my life. I only had one personal expectation going into India—clarity in my calling—and indeed God spoke to me so clearly. God made it clear that He knows me- He knows the desires of my heart and He knows my passions because He made me this way.
A specific moment that stands out to me the most is our time at Grace Home, a place I had always longed to visit in my lifetime. The director of the orphanage, Pastor John, had come to Korea a few years ago and had shared the testimonies of Grace Home at our church’s prayer meeting. My heart was so stirred and I wept during the prayer time, which I still remember vividly to this day. Visiting, though, was other story. Grace Home is probably the most powerful living representation of the Gospel that I have ever come across in my life.

One afternoon after Sunday morning service, the team had a few hours before the next service so some team members and I went to play with the girls of Grace Home. What was supposed to be a time of fun and games somehow became a time of prayer and worship. I was so mindblown and amazed by what I saw: each worship song and prayer lifted up to Heaven was so genuine, sincere, and pure. The love these girls poured out was indescribable. These children had been abandoned and disregarded by society, yet when they came into Grace Home and encountered the unconditional love of the Father, they had truly become children of God (Romans 8:15). These children held no bitterness, had no fear of rejection, and had incredible dreams along with the faith in God that He would fulfill His promises. I felt like all I did was teach these students a bit of biology and chemical equations during class time, and for the rest of the time I was just learning from them. What did I have to offer to these children when their hearts are so pure and precious? Truly these were children whose lives had been healed and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After our time at Grace Home, it almost felt like nothing else could compare. In fact during our time in Delhi I had the opportunity to preach at a private pre-school. God had placed a specific word in my heart a few days before I was even asked to preach. However, when I heard that the children would range from ages 4-6, I started to formulate a back-up plan. I reasoned that I should speak about something simple and easy to understand; they weren’t Grace Home children, so I could wing it. But, as I walked into the room and saw the faces of these pre-school students, I could not believe that I had had such thoughts. Grace Home or not, God loves each child of His so dearly. He would never bless some and leave a few. At that moment, looking at the children from different parts of Delhi, I was reminded of how much God loves and desires His children in the nation of India, His children across the nations, and how He much He loves you and I. No matter where we are from or how “holy” we may appear, we are all made after His own image and are called His treasured possession:

“Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!” -Matthew 7:7-11

Thank you so much for partnering with me on this trip to Delhi. Our team has returned safely with so many amazing testimonies of how God is moving in this India. Our church’s other teams sent to Chennai, Phnom Penh, Isabel City, and Los Angeles/Las Vegas have also all returned. Lives are being transformed daily and the harvest is calling for more workers. I hope that you read this testimony as your own and may it encourage you to keep praying for the nations, as they are an inheritance for those who pray and intercede (Psalm 2:8). Thank you once again, and I pray that you continue to expect crazy things for yourself . We serve a God who only gives what’s best.

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