2014 Chennai – Suzie Lee

Yesu Raja


When I found out that our church was sending a team to India, I knew I had to go! And once I was placed on a team and saw who the other members were, I knew it was going to be the best team ever! As we started missions training there were two things that God kept highlighting to me. One was to be expectant for His glory to fall in Chennai, and another was to see great team unity. As our departure date got nearer, I was more excited to go to this nation where Apostle Thomas ministered and was martyred, this place where the Gospel first entered the continent of Asia.

As soon as our team arrived in Chennai, we fell in love with Pastor Mathew (our local NPWM contact). His charisma and his goal-oriented yet very pastoral nature was so MUH SHI SUH (aka very impressive and on-point)! And when he and his wife Akka shared their testimonies and how God built up their church, New Life Christian Assembly (NLCA), we were all in awe of God’s faithfulness. And we were that much more motivated to bless and empower this church during our stay. The church family treated us like their own children but also related to us as fellow ambassadors of Christ.

Every outreach was amazing. We saw salvations break out in a village of the lowest and most impoverished Hindu caste. We saw God release inner healing at a secret meeting of formerly high case Hindu women. We saw Bible college students receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But there is one ministry moment really stands out to me. During one village outreach, our team gathered to pray for a young lady who had been unable to walk or sit down properly for the last 27 years. At first we were rebuking all infirmity, decreeing and declaring God’s desire to heal. The prayer was hot and fiery! The faith of the team, the translators, AND the villagers was being activated to new levels! After praying zealously two times and seeing only partial results, we prayed for her one last time. But without a word, our team suddenly shifted gears together. Holy Spirit very clearly led each of us at the same time to pray the Father’s love over this lady, to gently soften up her heart to receive God’s grace, and understand His desire for her healing. As we prayed this truth over her, the lady and her mother broke down and started to weep. Akka, our translator, was also crying. The villagers who had gathered around us quieted down to silence. For the first time, the neighbors were getting a glimpse of the hardship this lady had been going through. She was not just a cripple, but a precious daughter that God loves so deeply. It was a holy moment. And this moment taught me so much about unity in the Spirit and being sensitive to God’s leading. God was showing that He is concerned about restoring His peoples hearts in addition to their bodies. I have full faith that as this woman’s heart healed and strengthened, and that God will release her physical healing very soon through her new faith.

This was a big lesson that represented how I really grew from my missions trip to Chennai. Our team had received powerful prophetic words, prayers, and even dreams that God was going to do a big work, especially in the area of physical healing. And thus we had faith that God could do the impossible. And we saw amazing fruit in the areas of salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit, and deliverance. But not as much in physical healing. But we were not disappointed. Instead we rejoiced. Even though we weren’t able to physically witness all these promises come to life on our trip, we know that God’s promises are ALWAYS TRUE. The seeds that were sown during this weeklong trip will bear prolific fruit. After all, missions is not about becoming celebrities but actually about empowering the local church to run with greater strength and power for the Kingdom! Thus how much more glorious would it be for the native congregation members, now with their faith levels elevated, to heal their own brothers and sisters rather than seeing this miracle through a group of celebrity foreign ministers? And God is so detailed and intentional. Because while He held back in the area of physical healing, how crazy is it that He chose Pastor Myunghwa to speak about the caste system on the launching Sunday of the NLCA web broadcast? A native Indian- whether high caste or low- would not have been able to point out such problems and expose it NATION WIDE without a big wave of criticism and persecution, and even prejudice from the congregation based on their differences in caste status. But it made perfect sense for a foreigner to come speak about the corruption of the system. In fact all the messages led by our team members on healing and deliverance, identities in Christ and the prayer movement were exactly what needed to be release to arm God’s people for His greater works. The Chennai team returns from the field knowing that we have been fully obedient to God’s assignment, that we equipped His children in exactly they ways we were led. Now we are even more expectant to see the tides change and see His sons taking their place in India! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

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