2014 Chennai – Susanna Kim

Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours

“The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” -Isaiah 61:1

Never in my life did I think of going to India or even have the smallest desire to visit. However, when applications opened for missions and I saw that there were two teams being sent to India, a desire started to stir in me to be placed on one of the two teams – not because of a love for the nation but because I simply thought it’d be an intense missions experience. Once I found out I was going to Chennai, I kept praying for God to give me His heart for the people of this city. There was not even a hint of love for India in me and throughout the training process there were moments when I thought I’d really struggle on the field because of a lack of love. I ceaselessly prayed for God to break my heart just as His heart breaks for Chennai and He has answered my every cry. I experienced so much of God’s grace and love as my heart grew for every person that our team ministered to each day. There was never a moment when I was striving or trying to squeeze out my own weak love for His people. And at the end of every ministry time, I was able to feel more of God’s heart for Chennai.

One of the key ways that God helped me to manifest His love was through the deep relationships I was able to form with some of New Life Christian Assembly’s congregation members. Joyce is one sister who I connected with throughout my time in Chennai. As she shared about her life, her involvement at church, and her 7 year long marriage, I asked if she had any children. She responded by sharing about getting two surgeries last year to treat her ovarian cancer. My heart broke as Joyce continued to share that she needs to get monthly check ups and treatments for the rest of her life and that she is unable to bear children. God’s love and compassion for Joyce began to overflow in me. I told her that I believe God can heal her completely so that she can bear children. So much faith arose in me and I knew this moment was also an answer to the prayers that I prayed for wanting to witness greater healings and miracles in Chennai than what would I normally see on missions. It was such a precious moment. We cried together and as I laid my hands on her and prayed for full healing. Every word that I prayed was so full of faith and I knew Joyce’s faith was also rising. I told her that I will be expecting to hear about her miracle testimony in the near future. Through being able to connect deeply with some members of NLCA like I did with Joyce, I was able to experience more of God’s deep and furious love for His people in Chennai.

As each day passed, God’s love continued to grow in me. However, the biggest breakthrough of feeling God’s heart for not only Chennai but the whole nation of India came during our last day of ministry. Our team preacher, Pastor Myunghwa, released a powerful word to NLCA during Sunday service. She confronted the Hindu caste system in India and challenged the church to rise up and intercede for the transformation of their nation and the abolishment of the caste system. Pastor Myunghwa stirred up the faith of the congregation as she explained how Korea had a similarly oppressive social system for almost 5,000 years. But when the Gospel was brought to Korea only 120 years ago, the system was turned upside down within just a few decades. The transformation happened through the people of Korea rising up and praying. The same thing will happen for India if the righteous minority of the nation will rise, take their place, intercede, and warfare. As I listened to Pastor Myunghwa, my love and intercession that has grown for Korea during the past year helped me to get a better grasp of God’s heart for India. Just as God was so desperate to find at least 10 righteous people in city of Sodom to save it from destruction, I was able to feel God’s deep longing for the righteous minority of India to rise up and fight for their nation. As my team and I laid hands and released grace over our Indian brothers and sisters to rise up as prayer warriors, I felt the bowls of my team’s intercession tipping and releasing a powerful spirit of intercession over the NLCA members. God is raising up His warriors in Chennai who will fight for the transformation of India.

Another way I was able to receive revelations of God’s love for India was through my own personal growth. One way I wanted to grow on this trip was to have greater boldness in sharing my faith and the Gospel in public ministry settings. I wanted to roll with the punches rather than trust in my abilities and perfect circumstances. I wanted to walk out in the fullness of the Isaiah 61 anointing- knowing and believing that I am called to speak and preach God’s word to the poor. Throughout missions training, during my times in prayer, and even through the prayers of my team preacher and team leader, God continued to highlight the word “speak” to me. He challenged me to prepare my heart for a possible preaching punch while in Chennai. Indeed God followed through and gave me an opportunity to preach at a children’s cell group that was added to our schedule last minute. I didn’t go through a panic attack like I usually would. God released so much grace and peace over me in rolling with this preaching punch just as I had prayed for. I was able to let go of my melancholy perfectionism and allowed the Spirit to lead me, while also experiencing so much joy and deeper levels of sonship through this experience.

This ministry time was added to our schedule last minute but it was perfectly orchestrated by the Lord. The children who attend this cell group are all from Hindu families. As I ministered to them, God revealed more of His heart for the poor in spirit. He also convicted me more of the calling for people filled with the Spirit to go out and preach the Good News to the poor. God’s perfect orchestration didn’t end there. Our team didn’t know any details of this cell group until we arrived. And as I entered the house with my team, I was greeted by Joyce, whom I had met and prayed for the previous Sunday! I was so surprised to find out that it was Joyce’s cell group ministry we had been invited to partner with. I was thankful and honored that I was able to preach to the same children Joyce ministers to, and to be able to witness the amazing work that God is doing through Joyce in raising up the future leaders of India.

God loves India and now I do, too. The main goal for our team was to empower Pastor Matthew, his ministry and his leaders so that they can continue to minister with power and authority, with much greater effectiveness than us. I believe that God has allowed us to accomplish our goal in the most perfect way, especially through building a strong foundation of mutual edification, love, and family relationships. God is raising up an army of mighty warriors in Chennai who know how to fight in the Spirit- to not only use defense but offense, to use their tongue in intercession, and to know that whatever they loose and bind on earth will be loosed and bound in Heaven. God has gone above and beyond my expectations for this trip and I am so expectant for the abundant fruit that will continue to come forth in Chennai and all throughout India. Thank you so much for sowing into India, my team, and myself through your finances and prayers.


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