2014 Chennai – Heidi Chae

Hit the Mark

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” -1 Peter 2:9

Our team of ten hit the grounds of Chennai, India with one focal mission: to empower Pastor Mathew of New Life Christian Assembly (NLCA). Pastor Mathew is a part of the NPWM (Native Partner for World Missions) network, which establishes partnerships between Korean churches and native pastors all across Asia. But little was I aware of how God was going to bullseye and bulldoze certain mindsets of futility in myself in order to launch me into accomplishing this mission. He allowed me to be so much more effective, fully present, and engaged with His heart for His Church and His people. This trip was powerful. God clearly displayed the beauty of two different churches, one from Korea and the other from India, working to advance at a greater momentum together. And God did what He was so passionate to do: release the Father’s heart, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and tear down the demonic mindset of the Hindu caste system.

At our first meeting with Pastor Mathew and his family, we were welcomed with a feast of fruits, crackers, and the South Asia’s famous drink: Hot, sweet, milk tea! With our bellies full of delight, Pastor Mathew and his lovely wife, whom we called “Akka” (“older sister” in Tamil) began to share their testimonies. We were captivated as they told us about their call to ministry, the history of their church, and God’s faithfulness to their family. As tears were shed and laughter as well, it was clear that God had called us here to partner with fellow brothers and sisters- not to dominate, but rather to empower and encourage.

From the get-go, myself and one of my teammates James were identified as the “real professionals” and “real experts,” in the realm of web broadcast. A friend of Pastor Mathew, a media industry professional for over 8 years, had recently offered to start broadcasting NLCA’s services online, but the church media team was in need of some help. This was going to be a significant ministry. NLCA has thriving cell groups for formerly high caste Hindu women who cannot attend church publicly, and also for low caste villagers living in very remote areas. These believers would finally be able to join in on the Sunday services! This was incredibly humbling to me as a 20 year-old with no legitimate qualification other than high school. However, it was definitely one of those “God-moments” because I had already been being trained up through our church’s Video Broadcasting Ministry. I would never have expected to be doing the same thing in India, let alone, in Chennai! Actively serving with the NLCA media team brought breakthrough for me because two of my personal expectations for the trip were to take myself more seriously and also to rise up in my identity as a son- a child of God. God constantly said to me, “Heidi, you are not useless. You are my son with gifts and talents. Rise up!” It was an absolute joy, having the conviction that I was being used by God so specifically in Chennai.

Throughout the trip our team led services at 3 different Christian schools, whose students are predominantly Hindu. We led them in singing and dancing to Christian children’s songs, which was followed by preaching the Gospel message. The energy in these students was ridiculous. It was inspiring to see that they were following us and declaring the Biblical truths of these songs into their lives! Not only that, we were able to share our personal testimonies at cell group meetings that Pastor Mathew had been sowing into for quite a while. He trusted our team and gave us so much freedom to minister. The people we met were so hungry for more of the Lord!

As a team we could sense a momentum growing in everything the Lord was calling us to do. Every single moment we spent with the Indian people was so divine and perfect! One of the most powerful ministry times was when we held a leadership training summit for Bible college students and church leaders. The very last message of this summit was one where Pastor Myunghwa taught on the importance of knowing and remembering our identity as children of God. She then went on to emphasize the importance of ministers receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Our team interceded as Pastor Myunghwa spoke, and as a videographer, it was one of the first times where I felt led to be in certain places to capture key moments as theses students were being encountered by the Father heart of God. It was so beautiful to see the students’ faces change, as you could tell God was speaking His love over them. Everywhere I looked, there were tears flowing down faces and His children crying out to God as “Abba!”

With these powerful ministers raised up in their identities, the following Sunday Pastor Myunghwa preached a powerful message, as myself and James were still helping out with the broadcasting. Pastor Myunghwa spoke out against the caste system of India. As soon as she started speaking, it felt like the whole room froze, and everyone was zooming into what she was going to say. This message couldn’t have been any more appropriate for her to have addressed as a Korean guest speaker. Through the Gospel and development, Korea itself had been set free of a strict social system keeping many of the lowest classes in bondage. Furthermore if an Indian preacher like Pastor Mathew had spoken about this topic, it would not have been as easily received. Plus it is so amazing that God used our team to not only expose the deception and bondage of the caste system to NLCA, but also to people across India. This message was being recorded live through our broadcasting in both English AND Tamil!

So much hope and vision was released to the congregation. Many stood up to commit and contend for God’s heart over India, interceding for the caste system to be broken down. God’s children were crying out to Him, receiving His heart for their nation, and some even manifesting under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Over the course of this one week, our team saw God empower Pastor Mathew’s church more and more. I believe we were sent to Chennai to help equip this church with sharper tools to carry on God’s vision for their lives, their church, and their nation. Above all, it was a joy to see Pastor Mathew and his family being so encouraged by our team. There was such a deep love and mutual edification shared between our two ministries. God truly hit the mark on every level. I am so excited for Pastor Mathew and New Life Christian Assembly to continue to flourish even more!

Thank you so much for your partnership through your prayers and finances. May the fruits of this testimony increase in your own life more and more. God bless you!


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