2013 West Papua – Susie Baik

Freely Given

My main prayer to the Lord for this trip to West Papua was to give away everything I had received. I wanted to give back to the Lord by giving to His people. Missions is an exchange; you’re never doing anyone a favor by being in their country or region. As you bless others, you yourself are always blessed as well. Another area that God was highlighting to me for this trip was revival and identity. Papuans physically look different from mainland Indonesians, and are thus seen as second class citizens. This has caused a lot of political tension for many years, which in turn has taken a toll on the collective identity of the native people. But God uses what the world classifies as weak to manifest His glory. A third area that the Lord was highlighting to me for this trip was the importance of receiving His grace and His love. Sometimes as Christians, we fall into a spirit of striving, of trying to do the best we can for the Lord in order to see His glory and His power. But there is nothing we can do in order to receive His love and His grace because it is freely given as a gift.

Once in West Papua, our team saw a constant pattern of God’s grace and His favor upon His people. Many Christians we met are in influential positions of government and business. Not only are these Papuans highly favored and powerful, but they are also solid men and women of God. As the Lord has poured His blessings upon them, they in turn blessed us by opening up their homes and their hearts to us. This was such a powerful exchange. I learned a lot from seeing their fierce love for the Lord and also their humility. These men and women understand that they are merely stewards of their power and wealth; they understand that they are living out the very definition of grace.

One ministry moment that really stands out to me was when our team drove through the mountains of Minyambou to minister at a Bethel Church. God was speaking to me so much about identity and revival through this time. Bethel Church is not easy to get to, but we knew that God was setting it apart as a house of revival and powerful prayer. The church itself is a small building with wooden pews – there is no electricity, and power must be obtained from a generator. When the our revival meeting started, most of the church was still blacked out. Nevertheless the people inside were already praising God through their indigenous chanting and singing. I was in awe of how powerful and joyful their praises were despite the heavy rain and lack of light. And in that moment God said, “These people are the light in this place.”

The next morning we had dawn prayer with some of the church leaders. There were about thirty people gathered on the floor of a small room with a few candles. We had a powerful time of praying for the salvation of families (many parts of West Papua still participate in idol worship and the occult) and also praying for Bethel Church. I had the privilege of singing prophetically over the church in the prayer meeting. It was a very sweet time of consecration and encouragement. I was able to really sense in my spirit that God is going to use the Papuan church to be a forerunner within Indonesia for revival and powerful intercession. Where man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart- and these are the people He has chosen to manifest His glory.

Another significant ministry moment for me was when I was able to share my testimony for the first night of our orientation retreat at Erickson-Tritt Bible College. God saved this retreat for the last leg of our trip because He desired to move powerfully in and through these future ministers- He views them as absolutely significant. That morning during my quiet time, God put on my heart the song “Heart of Worship,” as well as the story of Moses. I knew both were significant but didn’t know why just yet. Before we left for the college that evening, our team was gathered at Pastor Tandi’s home and he explained to us that this year many of the students were having a difficult time keeping up in their studies, and that many were struggling to walk out their callings. I could see clearly that the devil was trying to attack the students’ identities through worldly temptations, through feelings of inadequacy and confusion. My heart broke for them. As I tried to compose myself, I felt a huge weight and began to weep. When we got to the church, I was asked to share my testimony. As I was sharing my testimony about suffering from years of rejection and feelings of insecurity and worthlessness, the power of God fell in the room. I knew that God was using me and my past trials and triumphs to do a deep work in their hearts. I didn’t realize the magnitude of it all until I stepped back and saw that we were giving away from what God gave us first. The testimony of my breakthrough was going out like the spirit of prophecy for these students. God’s grace was moving so powerfully that night as He allowed our team to sow into future worship leaders, ministers, missionaries, and influential people of West Papua.

The last ministry moment that stood out for me was when I was able to see a manifestation of the Father’s heart at the altar. Many Christians know God as God, but they do not know Him as their Father. Fortunately God loves to pour out His love upon His children, especially when they have experienced fear and rejection. There was one particular altar call where people were being set free from past hurts and being established as sons and daughters. As we were praying for people, one lady in the front was being highlighted to me. Later, as Pastor Marcus (our team preacher) was praying for her, he motioned for me to come over and just hug her. So I did. And as I did, she began to weep more and more. I was reminded of the time when my own pastor manifested the Father’s heart in the same way by just hugging me at the altar. I was reminded of my prayer to give away what I had received. I knew that in that moment, this lady was receiving deep inner healing just from being held. She was receiving the Father’s love and God’s heart for her.

God did a huge work in the people of West Papua. And at the same time, I must acknowledge that I also received all that was poured out; I knew that I would be giving in West Papua, but I didn’t realize how much I would be receiving God’s grace and His love through the people as well. As God was speaking strength and identity over the people and establishing them in truth, He was doing the same thing in me. God takes what is considered weak in the world to glorify His name. There are humble hearts and deep hunger for the Lord in West Papua – a region that is looked down upon by many Indonesians. I’m excited to see the ways in which God is, and will continue to use the Papuan people in powerful prayer and joyful praise to release His kingdom.

Please continue praying for West Papua – everything that they have received from the Lord, they will be steadfast and untouchable as they release revelation of their identities in God to the rest of Indonesia. God is moving!

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. – 2 Corinthians 12:9

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