2013 West Papua – Susanna Kim

A Son is Empowered by the Father’s Love

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” – Romans 8:15

My missions trip to West Papua was all about how the Father’s love empowers His sons to be His witnesses. Even throughout the training leading up to the trip, God was teaching me that I’m not going out as a servant, but rather as a son.

Before we left for West Papua, both Pastor Marcus (our team preacher) and Lisa (our team leader) encouraged our whole team to listen to Pastor Christian’s “Servants and Sons” sermon from 2010. Pastor Christian had preached this message right after he got back from ministering on the first West Papua missions trip. In the message, Pastor Christian touched on three aspects of sonship:

  1. Sons always take time to be with the Father.
  2. Sons do what they see the Father doing.
  3. Sons don’t strive but they simply represent the Father and obey His voice.

This sermon brought a lot of personal breakthrough for me. I experienced deeper inner healing and I was able to fully step into my identity as a son. These three truths also became a recurring theme for me during my time in West Papua.

Once we were in the field, our team made it a point to be fully present and really take in all that God was trying to speak to us. As the team processed together after every ministry time in West Papua, it became more and more clear that God was bringing His people into deeper intimacy with Him. The Lord was stirring their hunger for more of His love. He was bringing the Papuan people beyond their partial identity as servants in order to establish them as sons of God.

One moment that captured this truth of sonship for me on a personal level was at a high school revival service. Lisa, our team leader, preached on streams of living water and then led a time of inner healing at the altar- asking Holy Spirit to wash off all past rejection, unforgiveness, fear, and hurts. Honestly, I felt really out of it during this ministry event and was unprepared when students started coming up in response to the altar call. But in that moment, Holy Spirit kept on reminding me to connect with God’s heart- to see what He is doing. Once I surrendered completely to His leading, God started to break my heart for the students. I went around laying hands on the students, praying for healing and restoration. There was no striving- I was simply following Holy Spirit’s leading. It was as I was following Holy Spirit that someone fell under the glory of God as I prayed for them. This was my first time experiencing the supernatural manifest through my prayer. I didn’t expect it all. But I knew God was showing me what it is like to serve and minister in the spirit of sonship. I just need to walk out in His grace and in the empowerment of His Spirit. It is never about what I can do or how much I strive. God was already doing the work, and out of the Father’s love He just took my hand and let me take part in it.

In addition to the ministry times, God also empowered me by displaying the Father’s heart through Pastor Marcus. Not being a leader or even a member at New Philly made me automatically assume that I wouldn’t be called up to lay hands at the altar unless there were hundreds of people that needed prayer. However, from the very first altar call, Pastor Marcus called the whole team up to lay hands. It was the same for every altar call after that. I was a bit shocked and nervous at first but immediately God reminded me that it’s not about striving, but about walking out in sonship and grace. I felt honoured and empowered. I was really surprised once again when Pastor Marcus wanted me to teach on the Holy Spirit for one of the orientation seminars at Erickson-Tritt Bible College. Looking back, it was so prophetic that I taught specifically about the empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit, as this was the inheritance I had been receiving since the first day of missions training. God brought me to new levels of confidence as He used Pastor Marcus to empower me to share my inheritance.

I also experienced the Father’s love through watching the interaction between Pastor Tandi (our host pastor and National Director of NPWM Indonesia) and his 23 year old daughter Mona. Towards the end of the trip, Pastor Tandi gave Mona the opportunity to translate testimonies and sermons so that he could rest his voice. While Mona translated, every time I glanced over at Pastor Tandi, I would see him smiling just as a proud father would. Even when Mona made a mistake or asked her dad for help, Pastor Tandi would lovingly smile and gently correct her. Mona was walking out in the spirit of sonship and God was confirming again that He is establishing the Papuan people as His sons. Seeing this also really blessed me on a personal level. I was brought me to tears because God was also showing me how He sees me when I serve Him and how proud He is of me even when I am weak and make mistakes.

In addition to following the leading of the Father and therefore never striving, sons always take time to just be with the Father. This truth is the centre of everything that was revealed to me on my trip to West Papua. Even as I return to life in Korea, it is in this place of intimacy with God that I am refilled and find my sense of worth. As I connect with God’s heart, He continues to place in me a heart for His people in West Papua. I ask that you pray with me for God to keep on fanning His fire in the Papuan people. Pray that the fire will catch onto everyone in the land and onto the generations to come as they walk out in their identity as sons. Pray for all the Papuan leaders, missionaries, and pastors to receive an overflow of God’s grace and honour as they continue to serve and follow our Father. I pray that as you connect with God’s heart, He will also place in you a desire to partner with His works across the nations.

Through this missions experience, I am no longer just a servant. Rather I carry the heart of a servant as I walk out in my identity as a son. Boldly I walk out as a son that is empowered by my Father’s love.

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