2013 LV/SF – Sarah Won

God’s Missions Prep

There is no doubt that my whole team was excited about this trip. From the day we received the news that we were put on this ministry team, we all couldn’t stop talking about it. I think some people even expressed their excitement in tears of joy. Others started making lists of things we needed to buy, places to shop, and things to eat … and… confession time; when I mean “we” I really mean “I”. For the Korean-Americans on the trip, this trip felt like we were getting a break to go home.

But as we were going through the missions training, Pastor Marcus led a seminar called “Missions Top 10.” The seminar was a compilation of wisdom that past missions teams have learned the hard way. The point of the seminar was to have us focus on the right things and let go of the wrong things. It also gave us grace to not make the same mistakes that past teams have made.

Nine out of the ten rules were very easy for me to understand and I received them. However, there was one that struck a cord with me and convicted me on the spot. It was, “Missions is not National Geographic, a vacation, or a shopping spree” The basic point was that we are being sent to serve our ministry hosts and the local congregations. Our focus was not to have a list of personal things we needed to accomplish. The moment that point went up on the screen, I could feel the rest of my team members’ eye drilling holes in the back of my neck. And on top of all that, I felt the Holy gaze of God coming down from Heaven.

That night I repented before the Lord. I told God that I was very sorry for not preparing to be a selfless servant for His Kingdom, and that I was ready to lay it all down before Him. Then God told me something that surprised me. He said that it is okay to be planning for things I will get to do outside of ministry, but I must remember that He has been planning for EVERY aspect of this trip way, way, way before we even signed up to be a part of it. The conviction soon lifted and a new sense of excitement came over me. I knew this trip was going to be epic, in every single aspect of the word- from ministry, to fellowship and to the times at MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip.

When we were in Las Vegas, the team had the honor and privilege of having the leaders of Full Gospel Las Vegas over to our house for lunch before the Saturday night service. We had a great time eating and worshiping together. Towards the end, PC broke us up into small group and had the NPC team pray for the FGLV leaders. While one of the leaders was sharing I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to ask her about her forgiveness issues. I felt like I should wait until we got to have one-on-one time so right before the FGLV leaders were about to leave, I pulled her aside and told her what the HS highlighted to me. I explained to her that I felt I didn’t want her to miss out on what was going to happen that night’s session because of the issues that she was holding on to. She opened up immediately and told me about a broken relationship in the past. She condemned herself so much for this broken relationship that she didn’t even tell her friends and family. I asked her if she wanted forgive herself for this mistake she made and after about 30 minutes she agreed. After we prayed together, she went home to prepare for that night’s session. That night she was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. God restored her joy and she couldn’t stop laughing through out the whole night. God had prepared her for this moment. God knew her breakthrough was going to come in steps and He did it in His perfect timing. He was planning every aspect of this trip from the beginning.

When our team arrived in San Francisco, we met a man named Anthony. He had the honor of driving Diana, Daisy, David, Eunice, myself, and his dad (whom we lovingly call “Uncle Vern”), to the “Rite of Passage” retreat, which was about 4 hours away. On the way there, Anthony didn’t seem very interested in the retreat or even us for that matter. However, on the first night of the retreat, PC prayed for impartation of the Holy Spirit. Anthony didn’t manifest or anything but that night, around 2 AM, the HS came powerfully while Anthony was trying to sleep in his bunk bed in the cabins. He shared the next morning that that he felt fire going through his whole body and he couldn’t do anything but just scream and holler. During the day on Saturday, Anthony received prayer for the gift of tongues. As he went through the fire tunnel at the end of the Saturday session, we all got see what his cabin-mates got to witness the night before: he couldn’t do anything but scream and holler. On the way back from the retreat, Uncle Vern got to share with us his own experiences that weekend. He shared that a couple of years ago, he was ready to die from an undiagnosed heart condition, and was worried about his children because they were all far from the Lord at that point. But then God told him, “When it’s their time, I’ll be there.” Diana and I started crying over our In and Out burgers because it was so evident that God planned this moment for Anthony and his father a long, long time ago. God’s plan wasn’t over yet. After we finished our burgers, we got in the car and David asked Anthony if he had manifested the gift of tongues. So in the car, as Uncle Vern was driving the van, David was with Anthony as his gift of tongues got activated. God was planning every aspect of this trip from the beginning.

There is a famous quote by Oswald Chambers that resonated in my heart throughout the trip: “When God made trees, He made one for the cross.”

Oswald Chambers is saying that from the very beginning of time, God planned for His greatest act of love. And indeed our God did the same thing for the people we met throughout our time in Las Vegas and San Francisco. The FGLV leader that I ministered to was so lovingly brought through a process of healin, perfectly timed by God. When God created Anthony, He knew that Anthony would powerfully encounter Him during the retreat that happened just last weekend.

After years of doing ministry and seeing powerful moves of God, I am still floored by the Father’s heart. The whole team was so excited and celebrated over every breakthrough. But can you imagine how God must feel? Every time a chain was broken, a heart was mended, a lie was wiped away and freedom was restored, God must have jumped up and down in heaven in pure joy. As much as we had faith and hope for this trip, God had that much more. As much as we anticipated and waited for this trip, God did so much more.

So on behalf of the entire Las Vegas and San Francisco team, I just want to thank the New Philly family and everybody else who supported us through prayer and financial giving. Through your partnership we got to witness the beginnings of a powerful revival in Las Vegas and be part of a whole group of young people mature under the power of God.

And I will end with this Bible verse from Ephesians 3:17-21

And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

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