2013 LV/SF – David Oh

True Maturity Through Love

I want to start this letter by saying thank you for partnering with me in prayer and finances to minister in Las Vegas and San Francisco. What took place in these cities was far beyond what I could have imagined. Our God is indeed a good God.

Las Vegas
In 2010 as I stood on the main strip in Las Vegas, I told myself that I would never again return to this Godless city. Little did I know that God would call me back 3 years later to bring change and revival. The New Philly team spent the first week of our trip ministering to the youth and English ministry of Las Vegas Full Gospel Church. Before leaving Korea we were told that the church had little knowledge of the Holy Spirit. And yes this was true, but what took our team by surprise was their pure hunger for the Holy Spirit’s power. As I got to talk to the youth, I realized that most of them had never heard of miracles being performed outside the Bible stories they read. As I shared with them about how God was moving in signs and wonders today, I could see their hearts coming alive. Their preconceived ideas about life and God were changing. One young gentleman I prophesied over responded by saying he had a schizophrenic brother. Before, he never could have imagined that his brother could be healed. But I saw new hope fill this gentleman’s eyes as he realized the potential of a Christian empowered by the Holy Spirit.

In our revival services as young kids broke out in tongues and received the fire of the Holy Spirit for the first time, it was clear that God is raising up an army of new leaders who will take back Las Vegas for His glory. We spent night and day encouraging and loving on the young leaders of this church. And by loving on the leaders, we were allowing them to mature in their faith. I praise God for so powerfully ministering to His children and propelling them to new levels!

San Francisco
After the Las Vegas leg of our trip, the New Philly ministry team took part in “Rite of Passage,” a young adults retreat for believers in the Bay Area. We served as preachers, small group leaders, skit organizers, game coordinators, the media team, worship team, and body worship team. And as much as each member served and poured out our all, it still did not compare to how much God poured out his Spirit during the retreat. The heart of “Rite of Passage” was to help young adults of the Bay Area to step into the adult stage of their Christian life and thus bring revival to their environments. Seminars were taught on the different stages (infant stage, childhood stage, adult stage, parent stage, and elder stage). The retreat attendees learned the importance of maturing through each stage. As many sons and daughters realized that they were missing parts of their maturing process, they turned to the Lord for inner healing. Tears were flowing as they were being set free by God’s love.

On the last night, the leaders made a fire tunnel by assembling in two lines, and each attendee walked through in between, receiving prayer. At the end of this fire tunnel, Pastor Benjamin laid his hands on the attendees, declaring over them their new identities as adults. This was such a powerful time for so many who had never heard these words before. I can also testify that I had never had those words spoken over me. But when these words were finally released over me, I felt so free! I felt so loved and so affirmed! The truth was setting us all free!

So many wonderful testimonies were birthed during the retreat and even afterwards. As I was riding the car back from the retreat center, one of the brothers of Living Hope Christian Center (our hosting church) asked about the gift of tongues. I walked this brother through the power of this gift, and the lies that devil brings against those who are trying to activate it. The next thing we knew, the brother was praying in tongues in the car, tears rolling down his face! God is so good!

The Future
In both Las Vegas and San Francisco, our team was aiding in the birth of a movement that will change entire regions. As we sowed into the maturing process of each young teenager and young adult, we could see that God was raising up mighty leaders. I believe that even in the course of one year, the ministries that we partnered with will multiply tenfold because of the powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit that took place. Your prayers and finances have been sown into good soil. Thank you from my team and myself. God bless you!

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