2013 Japan – Christine Chun (SFA)

Open the Floodgates of Heaven

“Creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.” – Romans 8:19

Part 1- Breakthrough in Discernment
When our team first arrived in Tokyo, I did not feel a burning desire for revival in Japan. My heart was rather numb and it bothered me that I felt this way. How was I able to pray so passionately in my prayer closet before the trip, yet feel so dead in my Spirit when I finally arrived? I started to struggle with frustration, anxiety, and even fear. But with the help of my team, I soon realized that I may be spiritually sensitive. I learned that the emotions I was feeling weren’t necessarily my own. Rather I was picking up on the spiritual atmosphere of the area where we were ministering. God was maturing me as a minister.

Thus I started to ask the Lord for the impartation of HIS heart and 20/20 vision to see Japan through HIS eyes. The Lord then began to clear the clouds. Before, I had a good understanding of Japan’s history of martyrdom and the prohibition of Christianity. But as I stood on top of Tokyo Tower with our team, gazing out into the city, I suddenly saw a land full of hope, restoration, and redemption. It was so powerful that I began to tear up. I knew these tears were a manifestation of the Father’s heart for His people. God then spoke to me out of Malachi 3:10, “Test me in this,’” says the LORD Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.’” And indeed as the week progressed, the Lord showed me how He is preparing both myself and the nation of Japan to receive His heavenly blessings.

Part 2- Breakthrough in Unity
Prior to this Tokyo missions trip, my only contact with more than half the team members was through social media and email. This was because many of us were joining in from different parts of the world: two sisters from the Ark Ministries in Northern California, two Sons from Afar (including myself), and our preaching pastor from New Philly’s Busan campus. The airport was the first time we were all able to meet in person as a complete team. A prophetic word had gone out before our trip that our team would be marked by unity, and that this unity would bless the wider body of Christ in Japan. But part of me remained doubtful.

To be honest, being one of the youngest on the team and surrounded by such mighty warriors, I felt like I couldn’t measure up. I felt inadequate and I was afraid to expose my struggles. I hated appearing weak before others, especially during a missions trip where everyone is supposed to be on their A-game. It wasn’t until the third day that I finally shared my struggles with the team and to my surprise, no one showed any signs of pity or sadness. It was the most liberating feeling. The team simply began to build me up through words of affirmation because what I was going through was no biggie. The schemes of the enemy weren’t powerful enough to rob me of the freedom and joy God continues to give. Thus I experienced a true Galatians 6:2 moment for the first time: “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” After my very unexpected and powerful breakthrough, the whole team was able to enter into a deeper level of intimacy with one another. No longer did I feel the need to speak profound words during our team debriefs. Instead, knowing that I was in a secure place, there was so much freedom and joy to simply be myself. For the first time I was able to experience a unity in the body in the body of Christ that was not achieved by my constant striving. Instead, this unity was birthed just by depending on God’s grace to walk confidently in whom He created me to be.

Part 3- Breakthrough in Ministry
Just the Lord was positioning me for great and unexpected breakthrough personally, He was also had so much blessing in store for our times of ministry in Tokyo. Leading up to the trip, several team members had received prophetic words that the time for revival was very near in Japan. And indeed the type of ministry we did throughout the trip attested to this prophecy. Initially, we had expected to do a lot of street evangelism. But Holy Spirit had a different plan. We ended up spending much more time ministering to the Japanese churches. For the first time in the 3 years that New Philly has sent teams to Japan, our team preacher (Pastor Lydia) was asked to speak at Sunday service of Fuse Church. Pastor Lydia also oversaw leadership training for the church in addition to two cell group meetings where she taught about praying in the Spirit. During our ministry time at Fuse we held two altar calls where more than 60% of the congregation came out to receive prayer. There were many opportunities to empower the church members through the laying on of hands. All of these open doors were signs that made me realize what God is truly preparing to open up the floodgates of Heaven over Japan. He is raising up an army of warriors that will lead the masses- masses that will be led by the Spirit “because those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God” (Romans 8:14).

Through my time in Japan God taught me how missions and ministry is loving the person in front of you. This is not functional, but relational. The Lord also showed me how a family of God should look like through my team. My favorite moments of the trip became our daily debriefs where we would share, affirm, and encourage. There was such an overflow of joy. I may have laughed two years worth of laughter in one week. The joy of the Lord is truly our strength. Lastly, I feel like a new part of me was birthed through this trip. A part of me that now believes that I am anointed and chosen. “The Spirit of the sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor” (Isaiah 61:1). Thus I’d like to thank you for praying and sowing into our Japan missions trip. Thank you for helping me understand what it means to walk out in the Isaiah 61 anointing, and thank you for helping to establish this anointing over the nation of Japan.

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