2013 Jakarta – Matthew Ko

Full Circle

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” -Philippians 1:6

This summer, I had the privilege of once again travelling to Jakarta, Indonesia with a summer missions team. My first time in Jakarta was back in 2010, on my first missions trip with New Philadelphia Church. As always, our visit was powerful- not only for the nation of Indonesia, but in my personal life as well!

As we travelled, I was continually met with familiar scenes and familiar faces. I was being hit again and again with memories of my trip three years ago. Some of them were fond, but many came with pangs of regret. When faced with the younger version of myself, I was at a loss at my immaturity. However, God didn’t allow me to just stop at my regret. In fact, this revelation caused me to be that much more intentional with everything this time around!

And what I discovered shocked me. As the week progressed, I realized that the Matthew Ko of three years ago was no more! God was showing me those memories primarily to show me how much I have changed! This time around I was forming solid relationships with each of the native ministers we met, and I was completely solid in my role on the team.

As the team ministered at the IKAT Bible college orientation retreat, I was given an opportunity to give a seminar on “Christian Vocation.” In it I shared a little bit about my personal journey of becoming a member of the Emmaus (our college ministry) staff team and a leader in our church’s media ministry. I also shared three keys to having rest in your vocation: understanding that 1. You are loved, 2. You are a part of the Body of Christ, and 3. You are unique. What I didn’t realize until later is that these are the exact three areas in which I had struggled the most on my previous trip to Jakarta! It was amazing to see that now, not only am I completely free in these areas, but I am setting others free as well! Surely God completes every good work He begins in us!

During the altar call it was clear that God was ministering powerfully in each of the students’ hearts. As our team released prayer, all across the altar you could see tears flowing from the students’ eyes. It is amazing to see how little a language barrier matters when God’s presence is in a place! By faith, I know that each and every student received a breakthrough that day; just as God set me free, they too are set free!

Throughout our time with the IKAT students, as well as with other youth from around the city, God was clearly showing us that He plans to use these young people to change the nation. Revival doesn’t happen overnight, but even through a single encounter, these young people are being empowered to lead their generation to the cross!

Coming out of this trip, Jakarta is still on my heart. Many of the young men and women we met are now set free and ready to set the nation free, but there is still much work to be done! There were many seeds that were sown that require a lot of watering and care. There are also many powerful men, and especially women, who are serving the Lord faithfully in Jakarta, and my desire is to support them in their ministries.

As you are reminded of Indonesia, please pray for:

  1. The young people we met and ministered to. Pray that God would complete the good work that He began in them, just as He did with me. Many of these students are college-aged, but many are even younger.
  2. The powerful ministers of God in Indonesia. Pray for Pastor Jimmy, Sister Donna, Pastor Tarigan, as well as many of the IKAT staff and native pastors. They each have different ministries in different parts of Indonesia, so as we support them, we are reaching the entire nation!

Thank you so much for supporting me and sowing into all of these beautiful testimonies! With each and every missions trip I go on, I can tangibly see my growth, but this trip to Jakarta released something on a greater degree. I also feel like my heart for Indonesia, for Jakarta, and for the missions ministry of New Philly has grown exponentially! I hope that you too will soon be able to experience such breakthrough on your own journey with the Lord!

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