2013 Jakarta – Mark Yu

Abounding Grace

I went to Jakarta, Indonesia on July 22-29 and saw God do some amazing things. God did it all — not me, not my team — God did. No matter how prepared the team was, or unprepared I felt, with the strenuous schedule we were given, along with unplanned surprises, God was so faithful and His grace abounded throughout this trip. God did what He wanted to do.

The first sign of His grace was the supernatural unity of our team. Throughout the trip, we weren’t just a team- we were family. Even during our plane ride to Jakarta, I was talking with Pastor Emily and our team leader Rona, and discovered that what I had been praying for while in the United States was the same as what the team had been contending for in Korea: the empowerment of Indonesian women in ministry, and supernatural healing & deliverance without the laying on of hands. We were one in spirit all along.

Once we arrived and as our team was ministering at IKAT Bible college, I was given the opportunity to teach an hour-long seminar on God’s purpose, and our identity in Christ. As I prayed and started to write down what I wanted to teach, I could not stop crying. Initially, God was taking me back to remember when He had healed me and delivered me so deeply and established me in my true identity in Christ. But I came to realize that through this, the Lord was speaking to me more about the students of IKAT. I started to desire this breakthrough for them, and I started to understand that God wanted to do the same mighty work as well. He wanted to uproot false identities, to establish the students in how God sees them, and to establish them in their purpose to be loved by the Father. I felt that so many of these students lived with the mindset of having to earn God’s love by serving Him, when in fact His love is free for us to receive.

On the first day of the IKAT Bible college retreat, I woke up early to finish preparing the seminar and again I began to weep. God reminded me that His heart is so much bigger than mine. I was assured that I had the grace to say what the Father wanted me to say, and that He was going to do what needed to be done. The Lord was calling me His son and reminded me that as His son, all I had to do was to be myself. And can I just say? It was easy! I had a supernatural boldness as I gave my seminar!

The fruit of our ministry time was quite beautiful. One student, Bob, who seemed like a tough guy, cried for the majority of the time throughout all the seminars. False identities were being uprooted, and hurts were being healed. Later, Bob shared that he had felt a lot of rejection from his family and that he struggled a lot with things of the world. As Bob opened up, the Spirit of God was restoring his identity as a co-heir with Christ and as son that is so loved and accepted by the Father. By the last day, Bob was a completely different person; even his countenance changed.

Ministry also was not limited to formal times of teaching and preaching. Throughout the trip, God highlighted certain students to me. As I prayed for them, God continued to reveal how big His heart is for His people. For one IKAT student, God was telling me to just spend time with him. All I did was sit next to the student and smile at him. He couldn’t speak English, but I felt the Lord leading me to just be there with him. For another student (Bob), God was telling me to encourage and hug. I kept calling Bob a “man of God” and kept hugging him, even before he shared with me that he had been hurt by the rejection of his family. For another student, God was telling me to just smile at her, even before she had shared that she had been shunned after being sexually abused. God was showing me that even these students that I ministered to so organically were all divine appointments that He had set up long beforehand. I had been called to go to Jakarta to manifest God’s heart to them. He kept reminding me, “You have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16). I started to realize that I was doing what Jesus did as He was on the earth: doing everything from the Father’s heart.

As the team ministered from the Father’s heart, the Lord released some great confirmations. Our team leader Rona preached at a church and although she didn’t plan on testifying about the healing of mother’s brain aneurism, she felt Holy Spirit telling her to testify. Later we found out that a friend of the church had a brain injury from falling down a flight of stairs and was in a coma. It encouraged them so much to hear Rona’s testimony of healing. Every time we ministered, the Holy Spirit moved powerfully and almost all the people we ministered to actively responded. As Pastor Emily preached about being enlisted in the Lord’s army, she called out to the students, “Rise up! Rise up!” The altar was filled with young students dedicating their lives to be set apart for the army of God. After the service, we were told that the event banner actually said, “Rise up,” but that it had been a typo; the banner template had another phrase written out, but God knew beforehand that He was consecrating this service to raise up soldiers for His army. Every word preached on this trip was so aligned with the heart of the Father. Yet our preachers typically had less than 12 hours to prepare their sermons! But God’s heart is bigger than ours for His people. All we had to do was stay in that place of sonship and simply manifest the heart of our Father. He gave us grace to do everything and to do it well.

God is so good and His heart is so big. He set this team apart way before each of us even thought about going on missions. He planned for each and every one of us to go to Jakarta for this one week during this very summer. He planned for us to teach at IKAT to release our inheritance and to just love on the students. He planned for us to go, minister, build up, and edify the various local churches we visited. He wanted to us to preach and worship on a radio station that reaches hundreds of thousands of Indonesians. His heart is so big for His people in Indonesia. God’s heart is so much bigger than my heart, and I’m so thankful for that.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth… For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. – John 1:14,16

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