2013 Philippines – Gina Kim

From Missions Field to Missions Base

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” – Matthew 13:44

We were the smallest team. We had the shortest trip. But God often uses a small remnant to accomplish His will and He is not bound by time. God used Pastor Christian, Pastor Erin, our team leader Jisu, Daisy, and myself to release apostolic grace and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the churches and native pastors we visited in the Philippines. It was an epic three days of ministry and building relationships in Pampanga, an area two hours outside of Manila. God is advancing His kingdom here on earth by exhorting His people both in the Philippines and in Korea to move beyond the four walls of church.

God is moving so powerfully in the Philippines and He has a strategic plan for the area we visited—Pampanga. There was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we ministered at five churches and many testimonies of healing and manifestations of the Spirit. During worship, we witnessed the extravagant worship of our Filipino brothers and sisters and there was mutual edification in honor and love. However, what was highlighted to me specifically was God’s heart for the Filipino people to dream big and become a nation that shifts from being a missions field to becoming a missions base that sends missions trips and missionaries to the nations. The 12 native pastors we were able to meet and share prayer requests with all had one need in common—funds for building the church. They also testified of God’s faithfulness in providing building funds and plots of land through generous donations from abroad and their own members.

As the local churches continue to trust in God for provision and continue to fan the flames of revival, God is going pour out His Spirit in greater measure and the Filipino people will not only develop as a nation economically but also as a missions sending nation. In fact, Angeles City is an up-and-coming city for tourism and economic development as plans for an international airport are being made as well as a bullet train between Clarkstown and Manila. In addition, Samonim of Jeilsungdo Presbyterian Church has been praying into a large plot of land near this city to build an NPWM missions base. It was very clear during this trip that God is moving powerfully in the Philippines and He wants to do what He does best—take the impossible and make it possible.

Just as my heart was eager for the revival in the local Philippine churches to hit the streets, the cities, and the nations, the Holy Spirit revealed that this is only a glimpse of how His heart is eager to see revival in the streets of Seoul. He began to whisper to me, “Now do you understand my heart?” After a powerful service Saturday night at Pastor Bob’s Church, His Presence Ministry in Angeles City, we took the van back to our hotel around midnight. On the way, I saw in the far distance a large group of young people on a side street. As the van moved closer to them, it was clear that the girls were sex workers and the young men were collaborating with them. It was then that I caught God’s exhortation for the church to move outside the four walls. Just as I was heavily bothered by the sin and bondage taking place not too far from where we just had a powerful service, God was revealing to me that He was bothered by the sin and bondage taking place just outside the four walls of the Itaewon sanctuary. I was humbled but also challenged to deepen this revelation in my own heart and take steps for evangelism, outreach, and the prayer movement.

God is giving visions and dreams to the Philippine pastors to build the house of God with zeal because God has incredible plans for the Philippines to advance His kingdom on earth. Just as Korea was once a missions field and is now a missions base, God’s heart is for the Philippines to develop economically, build the house of God, and become a missions base that sends Filipino missionaries to the 10/40 window.

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