2013 Philippines – Daisy Kim


“God also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘The Lord, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ This is my name forever, the name you shall call me from generation to generation.” – Exodus 3:15

Our God is irreplaceable. There is none other that loves us as unconditionally as He does, none other that can give us true freedom and joy. But the one aspect of his nature that the Lord revealed to me during our time in the Philippines is that He is a promise-keeper. Some of the promises God made to Abraham were to make him a great nation, to bless him, to bless those who bless him, that he would be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:1-3). And because God is a promise-keeper, that means each and every one of us can claim the inheritance as Abraham’s descendants.

God has made the Philippines a great nation; of course He is still in the works of making it greater, but surely the promise made to Abraham is alsoupon the country. The Philippines has been greatly impacted by Catholicism and I would never have imagined to witness this through the local buses, which are called jeepneys. Many jeepneys Christian-related logos written on them: “Pray- it works,” “Thank you Jesus,” “Godspeed,” etc. The fact that God protected the Philippines from becoming a Buddhist or Hindu nation was definitely His grace, and although many people are oppressed by the religious spirit, it is evident that God is renewing the nation with fresh fire. This is through not only the local pastors, but also the local people. Every time Pastor Christian invited anyone who wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Joy, almost everyone in the congregation stood up to receive prayer. Indeed God is individually seeking the hearts of His people in the Philippines for a great revival.

God is also pouring out His blessings to the Philippines. On the first day, at the church of Pastor Henry Ocampo, one of our NPWM local missionaries, Mrs. Melissa Ocampo couldn’t stop sharing with us how God has been miraculously answering their prayers for the church building. Pastor Bart, also one of the local NPWM partners, whom we met at a prayer meeting on the second day, shared with me his testimony of how God has been providing for him ever since he decided to follow Jesus despite his father’s persecution, and even saving his life from imprisonment in the Middle East. There are many more testimonies from the local pastors that proved God’s promise to bless. But another one of the evident blessings was the abundant mangoes! It was mango season during our stay in the Philippines and 1 kilogram of mangoes was 1 dollar. I believe the mango blessing in the country is a prophetic sign of the harvest that is to come in the nation!

Abraham was promised that he would be a blessing to others, but also that the Lord would bless those who bless him. This promise is the most mind-blowing of all. During our trip, I learned that the local pastors pray for Mrs Hwang Samonim, the international overseer of NPWM (Native Partners for World Mission)- the missions network through which we were sent. But these pastors also pray for Pastors Christian and Erin, and New Philadelphia Church. Hence, through Hwang Samonim’s faithfulness and obedience to reach out to the nations, I also have been receiving prayers from people in other countries, just for stepping into this house and becoming a member! This trip gave me a clear picture of what it means to be Abraham’s descendent. Every church we visited in the Philippines blessed us extravagantly with their warm welcomes, handshakes, smiles, hugs, prayers, gifts, and food. My heart overflows with thankfulness as I have received much more than I could give, but to know that this is because of the Abrahamic blessing really blows my mind away. As God blesses the nations through NPWM and as He blesses us through the NPWM local pastors, we can see that blessings given both ways can only multiply and take relationships to new levels of glory.

It’s not a coincidence that God revealed all of this to me during the trip because, as some of you may know, I had felt like Moses before the trip. Who am I for God to send me on this missions trip? Especially because every team member was a visible asset to the team: YWAM (Youth With A Mission) b-boy missionary Danny, Intern Pastor Gina from Russia, team leader and experienced missionary Jisu from Africa, and no need for words about Pastors Christian and Erin. Although I felt like a plain ole’ Korean girl with nothing much to offer, I knew God chose me to be on the team through various confirmations. But why? Even during the trip I continued to ask Him. There had to be something more beyond my roles as hospitality and team doctor because I felt as if my roles were replaceable.

Little did I know, God had already revealed the answer to me before the trip. 2 weeks prior to our departure, our sister Cassandra had spoken a message titled “Power Behind a Name” based on the passage Exodus 3:4-16; that God reveals to us His identity (1) to remind us of what He has done in the past and (2) as an invitation to our destiny that He has for us, because we are created in His image. That was it! I was chosen for this trip simply because of who He is. And because He is irreplaceable my role is irreplaceable as well. Any role God gives us is replaceable when we choose to have the wrong attitude towards it, but it becomes irreplaceable when we trust that God chose us, even for reasons we can’t understand. Being the local pastors’ and team hospitality and doctor made me realize how much I love to give and provide; every time I give, my heart grows bigger, making room for more love to give, which makes me wonder, “Wow… how much more would God want to give?!” And yes, there was more. When I had initially found out about my role as team doctor, it made me wonder if it was time for my gift of healing to be activated. As expected, I witnessed multiple 100% physical healings through my prayers! I’ve been wanting God to use me to heal people for so long even before I knew He could heal, which is another testimony ☺

Thank you so much for your support. Your prayers were irreplaceable; everything would not have been possible without you. I believe every prayer you sowed into for this trip opened the doors even wider for you to receive the Abrahamic blessings as well. Please continue to claim the promises of God for you, your family, and the nations. May the blessings you give and receive in all your relationships multiply and take you from glory to endless glory. I pray that the revelation of your irreplaceable identity be established in your daily life as a family member, a friend, in your workplace, at your church, and above all, as a precious son of God. Hope to share more with you in person in the near future.

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