Video – “Drummer Boy” Hip Hop Performance

Check out this amazing spoken word and hip hop dance performance performed by a collection of New Philly sons and daughters at the 2012 AIM (Association of International Ministries) Christmas Service!
December 25, 2012 at Youngnak Presbyterian Church, Bethany Hall (Seoul, Korea).

Spoken Word by Kimberly White. Directed by Danny Kim.
Choreography by Danny Kim, Mary Koh, and Thomaz Chee.

“Drummer Boy” by Justin Bieber feat. Busta Rhymes
Filmed by Dustin Craft, Jamie Lee, Joel Kim, Judy Kim, Matthew Ko.
Edited by Joel Kim.


  1. christalyn weigert says:

    You guys did an amazing job. Can I some how get the track for this song? It is not just the Justin Bieber “Drummer boy”. I was hoping to do something like this dance at my church.

  2. What’s the last song?

  3. Joann Bartolome Jayco says:

    Praise God, Amazing. We planned to perform this dance on Dec 23 for christmas presentation in our Church. So, please we need your help guys. Can i get the track or copy for the song? i heard Justin Bieber song but i think its not totally the same. And please can i get also the spoken word (the message).
    Appreciate so much if you can reply me as soon as possible.
    thanks you and to God be the Glory.

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