2012 Myanmar – David Oh

Rise and Pray

“And he said to them, ‘Why are you sleeping? Rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation.’” – Luke 22:46

Many times one feels that they deserve the luxury of sleep: sleep in the natural context and the spiritual context. Having the blessing this year to go to Myanmar for missions, I was able to witness the blessing and warning behind the words Jesus spoke when he said to his disciples to “rise and pray.”

In Myanmar, our team of 13 along with Pastor Zam (NPWM Myanmar National Director) ministered for 2 days in Pyinoolwin and 3 days in the city of Yangon. The informal theme of our missions trip was “Revival Fire,” but as we went to each Bible college in Pyinoolwin and Yangon, we realized that that the fire of the Holy Spirit was still burning passionately. The reason I use the word “still” is because our church New Philly had sent a team to Myanmar in 2009 to release the fire of God powerfully on these Bible Colleges. The students had received the fire of God, and it was burning even more brightly 3 years later.

As a team at first it seemed like we had no more work to do. That’s how I felt as the praise leader, when I encountered the passionate worship of the Burmese people. We could have laid back and thought to ourselves that our job is done, but instead we chose to rise, pray, and seek God about what more He wanted to do for His Church in Myanmar. God’s answer was that He wanted to establish Sonship, and to widen the spheres of influence of His people.

At Pyin Oo Lwin Immanuel Bible College, Pastor Marcus had members of the team come up and do mini sermons on different aspects on Sonship:

  1. Lisa on “submission” – Matthew 26:39
  2. Matt on “honor” – Genesis 9:20-27
  3. Graciela on “covering” – Psalm 91:4
  4. David on “clarity” – Proverbs 13:1

As one team led by the Holy Spirit, in a couple of hours we were able to release what took New Philly nearly 2 years to understand and receive. Truly this is what spiritual inheritance looks like. That night the students prayed for their teachers and honored them, and in return the teachers also prayed for their students. It was a beautiful moment where God was “turning the fathers’ hearts to the sons and the sons’ hearts to the fathers.” This was the culmination of two and a half days of teaching, preaching, ministry times, and impartations. As we were leaving Pyinoolwin, the pastors and teachers of the Bible college kept saying, “God truly knows our needs.” Praise the Lord! If our mission team had just settled, not rising up in prayer to seek God’s direction, we would have missed this powerful work of the Holy Spirit, and we would have denied our brothers and sisters their spiritual inheritance.

When we left Pyinoolwin and landed in Yangon, many of the team members started to feel sick. 10 out of 13 of us had stomach issues, and even a few were throwing up. That’s when many of us started to feel fatigued, feeling the temptation to fall asleep not just in the natural but in the spirit as well. After all, we already did a big work in Pyinoolwin. But each time we felt the temptation coming strong, as a team we rose up and prayed.

Before the last night’s service at Evangel Bible College, our brother Randy had fallen ill with a crazy fever that left him powerless and even semi-delusional. We sat in Pastor Zam’s house, singing a somber worship song that sounded more like a dirge. It was at that moment Pastor Marcus stepped up and rebuked us like Jesus rebuked his disciples. Pastor Marcus said “I refuse to preach something we are not living out!” He commanded us to rise up and pray, and we did. We commanded our spirits to rejoice and prayed with fire and passion. That night the spirit of God fell so powerfully that Randy was 100% healed, the Burmese students were healed as they prayed for each other, and the faith of the congregation rose to a whole new level.

Many times one feels that they deserve the luxury of sleep- sleep in the natural context and the spiritual context. But it’s only when we are awake, rising up in prayer, that we see the hand of God move upon His people.

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