2012 Australia – Peter Jacob Kang

Life, Fire, Fellowship

Divine appointments, strengthening key relationships, and the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit, marked my trip to Australia. We cannot afford not to have the supernatural in our lives and sacrifice the authority that Christ has given us. As a church, we cannot stay complacent of the injustice in our world when we have the keys to set our world free. As a body, we must encourage one another in brotherly love, and build one another up to fight the good fight till the return of our Lord Jesus. This is just a reflection of what is to come, and a glimpse at the passion burning in the eyes of my Lord Jesus.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself” –Luke 10:27

You can’t encounter fire and not get burned. The themes of empowering and passion were reoccurring to me. The New Philly team went down to empower the local body to do the things Christ had done, and do even greater things. Even though we only had a few days at Full Gospel Ministry, which is the English ministry of Sydney Full Gospel Church, and two days together in English Christian Fellowship (ECF) in Melbourne, what we had, we gave it all. We gave our fire for God to that church, and the people of God will never be the same.

As we served at the Full Life Ministries conference “Nothing is Impossible” it was placed on my heart to seek His presence above all else. I turned to the book of Revelation and sought out the image of Christ. Revelation 19:12 says, “His eyes are like a flame of fire,” as I prayed for His presence and His glory, the passion of Christ began to fill my heart and overwhelm me. I wanted to feel the manifest glory of Jesus and have Him come fill the hearts of my Aussie brothers and sisters. God was faithful night after night. The worship was incredible, there was so much freedom to dance and engage in extravagant praise. God was faithful during the words of knowledge portion, and people experienced healing all across the sanctuary. The local body was encouraged and empowered to minister in the power of God. It wasn’t just a New Philly thing; the supernatural signs and wonders were meant for every single person. FLM was bold in receiving and stepping. The way FLM received the prophetic words and empowerment of the Holy Spirit blessed my heart. They caught it and went with it, with child like hearts. Pastor Christian preached about being a miracle worker on the first night, and the people of FLM were empowered to move in signs and wonders. The second night we pressed in for God’s fire to fall. Pastor Erin preached on Kingdom Contending Faith that empowered the body to take up their places of authority. The key point for this evening was that the New Philly team didn’t lay hands, but those who had received the fire last year did the ministering at the alter. It was a powerful time witnessing the manifest presence of God fill the room.

There was so much honor flowing from both churches. We only spent a couple of days with the ECF church but it was such a blessed time. I was able to see a handful of my old friends, and it was such a joy for me to share that time together with them. Seeing them again sparked a fresh desire for deeper levels of intimacy and passion for Jesus. I wanted to see my friends get filled up. God was so faithful in moving with fire. My good friend Jos was even able to make the service, and Pastor Erin and I were able to pray encouraging words over him. I saw fire and joy fill up my close friends and it was such a joy for me to witness and share in the moment.

As a team we went out with a relational heart that flowed from our team leader Tina. It took a little bit of warming up, but nearly as soon as we arrived, we began to engage our Australian brothers and sisters in life renewing fellowship. We talked, laughed, wept, and prayed for one another. Holy Spirit was faithful in showing us His presence and his deep love. His grace was always sufficient, proving that he has the best in store for us, day by day. A few team members and myself were talking about how much we all grew personally in understanding ourselves and our different personalities. It was truly a relational trip, and as we drew closer to God, he was faithful in showing us who we were in the fullness of Him. Along with the burning passion of God that is from his presence, our team experienced deep levels of friendship and joy. We were all united in our cause for Jesus and the love we had for the Australian Church.

As we set off for Australia, a reoccurring theme for our team members was that this trip was going to be a very relational trip. I didn’t realize how deep that meaning went. In not only experiencing brand new friendships with the brothers and sisters of FLM church and ECF church, but also there was a fresh edification that went out between myself and my Australian friends I haven’t seen in years. Even though the time was short, it was sweet, and it was powerful. Seeing old friends in new circumstances really gave me an overflowing heart of love. When we met, we embraced (with the holy kiss) and we dove right into building one another up. We conversed, shared our struggles and our victories, we prophesied and spoke life over one another’s lives. It was such a blessing!

Even though it was hard to leave the land of Kangaroos and Koalas, with their strange accents and funny expressions, I could see my purpose for this trip so clearly. It was to reveal the Father everywhere I went and that is ministry. As a son of New Philly, all I could do was share and reflect the characteristics of this house. I didn’t strive, but I moved from a place of identity, being loved for who I am and not what I could do. I made it my intention to share the kingdom of God with my Aussie brothers and sisters, and do the best I could in staying faithful with my ministry duties. It was so easy to be extravagant in worship because God was already present there, and the hunger for the supernatural to be natural allowed the anointing to overflow. With such a blessed leadership with Pastor John and Pastor Robin I am excited to see the fruit of their ministries. I am expectant of what God has in store for these churches and for the mighty testimonies that are to be told. To conclude, I loved Australia. Next time, I hope there is a surfing and longboard outreach. Unlike the boomerang that did not return, I look forward to the day I do.

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