2011 Malaysia – Peter Jacob Kang

Moving in Sonship


Malaysia was an amazing experience. Just a couple months earlier, my friends and I had such a great time exploring the different foods, cultures, and environments around the world. When the option to go to Malaysia for missions presented itself, I sign up immediately. I wasn’t sure the reason I was going, but I was responding with a holy responsibility. When we began to start training and meeting up, I started getting the impression that this was going to be different. The training was more laid back and shorter. We didn’t begin meeting as a team until two weeks prior compared to a month or so like we had normally. My excitement and expectation level was different; but my spirit said God was ordaining his own special sauce for this trip.

As a team, we were moving in sonship. We were not striving to see God’s kingdom come. We all moved from a place of identity. Each team member operated as a function of the body of Christ, in intimate relationship with our Father in heaven. Our team of 14 was lead by Mina Choi. We went with a heart marked by love. We memorized 1 Corinthians 13:4-7… of course. Mina has such a gift of seeing the strengths of others, and she assigned team roles accordingly. Each team member really stepped it up to be an extra blessing to the local pastors, brothers, and sisters, and to serve them faithfully. I myself was the photographer and helped Diana our worship leader. Serving as a photographer is always such a blessing. I love taking pictures, and each time the experience lets me look around me through the eyes of God. It also gives me a voice. It allows me to boast in God in order to somehow make people outside the church jealous (Romans 11:13).

Our Team: Diana moved with such a tender love that flowed naturally. She released a covering for the team to get really intimate and vulnerable. She carried the comfort of a mother on the team. She helped bring my breakthrough just by letting me be next to her in worship. Nara was full of joy and I was so thankful for her. I was really blessed watching her grow and be challenged within our small group; she is powerful and her words and prayers have such depth and meaning. Dahae was really funny and lightened the mood with her laughter. Man, she was moving in such a prophetic gifting, and her self introductions always dropped bombs like “I feel God saying this night is the reason we came to Malaysia!” Sue Mie was always talking to the local people, her love really bridged cultures and barriers. I was really inspired by her. Todd was a man who knew his identity, and he spoke boldly from the father’s heart. He too had many prophetic declarations by which I was so blessed. He came up to me before one service, and asked me to play a song. It ended up being the spirit of the evening, “Where the spirit of the Lord is… there is freedom.” Jessie, I knew God was doing major work in her. I was so touched as she was ministering at the altar, being touched by the Lord herself. I honor her for her bold step in coming and persevering for this mission trip. Jamie, she is a warrior of God. Even when she felt the most insecure, which can always a humbling place, but I could really sense God’s heart for her. She walked out her role with excellence, and I am excited to see how God breathes on this gift He is giving her. Judy has always been an inspiration to me. I have been honored to be her friend for all these years: she used to disciple me as a non-believer. She has so much influence and walks in perfect sonship. I have fun asking God what he has in plan for Judy. Anna is a prayer warrior. A true disciple of Myunghwa. Compassionate, prophetic, and powerful. I was so blessed as she reached out to our translator Floriyda and really gave away her inheritance to see Floriyda healed, delivered, and empowered. Robbie was a man who took the commandment to heart to love your neighbor as yourself. He was always looking after the team, making sure we were all together, seeing if we needed help. He served faithfully and selflessly. He was so insightful in his wisdom and his heart of faith was such a blessing to me. His trust in God allowed him never to strive, but just know that God will have his way. Marcus is a father who walks in perfect sonship. One evening when we were pressing in for God’s glory, he began to prophecy and speak life into each and every team member. He empowered us and opened our hearts to the things of God. He put away the flesh and was led by Holy Spirit. His preaching flows from an example of his life. I really am edified by and love Marcus deeply. Judee was a bundle of joy and was an amazing creation (our skit). She is young, but like the Bible says, age doesn’t matter. She is anointed and wise beyond her years. I am so blessed to see somebody her age walking in such authority, wisdom, and encouragement. Mina is so joyful and friendly. She led our team so comfortably and gracefully. She didn’t hide her silliness or her childlike heart. Watching her speak form the pulpit, she was so chill and ministered as if she were talking to her close family members. Even in times of challenge, she pressed through with smiles and giggles. The last night she preached, she had the music box her boyfriend gave her on the altar, and when things weren’t really flowing, she turned to me, smiled, and laughed it off. It really took away any heart of striving and it helped me take my place as a son of the most high.

The team became a true family. We just had our post-trip debriefing tonight, and as we sat together in a circle, sharing and encouraging one another. I really had the impression that this was a place where I could be vulnerable, comfortable, and be myself. I felt the intimacy and love of God flowing through us into one another. Romans 12:4-6 says, “For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are on body in Christ, and individually members one of another Having gifts that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them.”

That was something so special about this trip. Love and Family. The longhouses we ministered at were these horizontal townhouses connected together by a hallway used as a common area. There are nearly 40 homes to each of these longhouses. Some days we would go door to door: we prayed with different people for healing, and blessed their homes according to their needs and prayer requests. We moved out in the Isaiah 61 anointing: binding up the broken hearted, proclaiming freedom for the captives, and releasing from darkness the prisoner. As we had such a heart of unity and love, we began to see Gods kingdom in relationship and family. It was a subtle shift in my heart. When we ministered, I didn’t do it through my desires, but through the desire to see God set my brothers and sisters free, and to empower them for greater influence in these end times. I got the revelation that God’s people have been oppressed for far too long by the works of Satan, and it is time to raise up the army of God.

Our team had the grace, anointing, and covering of New Philadelphia Church and each team member really stepped up their game. We all got an upgrade! I personally started growing in my leadership. There were moments when my best was coming out, were actually some of the most toughest moments. I was asked at the very beginning to put down my camera and strum the guitar during the worship times. I struggled and wrestled with this because I was the photographer- that was my main job. If they wanted me to lead worship, why didn’t they just ask me from the beginning? After a bit of struggle, and after Marcus asked me to come minister by his side, I submitted and began to worship Jesus. I had a heart shift and decided to go for God with all I had. Even though I didn’t get to take pictures, lay hands, and minister, I had an important role in ushering the presence of God. I was by Marcus’ side, bringing in the anointing and filling the room with God’s extravagant love. I strummed my guitar just as David strummed his harp in the presence of Saul, knowing I was using it as a weapon against the forces of darkness. I saw God move powerfully by revealing His presence.

On one Sunday worship service, Pastor Marcus preached on sonship and the spirit of rejection. He began to invite people to the altar. As we began to worship God, almost instantly as I started to strum my guitar, demons started to manifest. I observed as I turned to Pastor Ladeq and heard her shouting, “Get out in the name of Jesus!” Girls began shaking uncontrollably, flailing their arms and screaming and weeping. Todd had to bear-hug a girl who was jumping and striking her neighbors, and when he restrained her she proceeded to try and bite his neck! The enemy is so twisted and wicked. I was in warfare mode for a while but began to play more beautiful and peaceful melodies, and the atmosphere started to shift to quiet, stillness, and peace. We ministered by binding the demons and speaking peace and life into these broken students. There must have been 50-60 students. The love of God encountered them and the darkness began to be pushed out.

God was revealing himself as a blessing. He takes the lowly and the poor and makes them priests and kings in His Kingdom. I saw this as we progressed through the trip, moving from glory to glory. At first the churches and congregations were in spiritual reconstruction and infancy. As we progressed, the spiritual maturity and quality of life began to improve. I was greatly impressed and saw a correlation. I felt like God was asking me to trust Him and know that he was going to provide for the poor and create places of influence for them as Malaysia is shaken with the gospel. Isaiah 61:6-7 says, “but you shall be called priests of the Lord; they shall speak of you as minsters of our God; you shall eat the wealth of the nations, and in their glory you shall boast. Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their inheritance.” All the blessings come after the “you” is healed and delivered. The local people will receive this healing and walk out their true identity. Their inheritance requires them to walk as children the Lord has blessed. Verse 9 says, “their offspring shall be known among the nations, and their descendants in the midst of the peoples; all who see them shall acknowledge them, that they are an offspring the Lord has blessed.”

It was hard for me to see many times, but I’ve grown leaps and bounds on this trip. Even though I may not have had the title of a leader, I am a father, a worshiper, and a son. I have grown in intimacy with the Lord, and have grown a love for His word. I still desire to grow a greater hunger for prayer and intercession but that will come. I was challenged on this trip. I had to put away the flesh, and say yes to Jesus. And He blessed me double, triple, one hundred fold. It is easy for me to forget, so I pray that the revelations from the trip would manifest in my life, that I would be a tree planted by streams of living water, one whose leaves does not wither, but bears its fruit in season and prospers. It is my season of life to live and to give. I am a son, fully loved and fully accepted. I am anointed as a worshiper in spirit and in truth. I walk in the favor of the Lord. God makes all things work together for my good. God is the Shepherd, He is the one who gives drink to the thirsty, life to the dying, and hope to the broken. He is the God of provision and blessings. He is definitely my strength and joy. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on this amazing mission trip to the nation of Malaysia. This is mighty in foundation we’re building, and we’re moving from glory to glory!

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