2011 Bangladesh – Sonya Carrasquillo

Secret Agents

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;” – Psalm 24:1

Salvations, healings, and miracles. Just as we read about in Jesus’ day. But it’s July 2011, and it’s happened right in Bangladesh, an almost forgotten nation and people. Preaching the Gospel village to village to multitudes who have never heard the Gospel, let alone have seen a foreigner. Laying hands on the sick of body and heart, and seeing them healed! Praying for the supernatural multiplication of candy to give to the children, and seeing it overflow right before our eyes. (I still have two extra pouches of candy that we had left over as proof). Did all these amazing things really happen? I never in my wildest dreams could’ve imagined being a part of this. I’ve never had a heart for missions, other than financially and prayerfully supporting those who were called. It’s not for me. I’m not “missions material” is what I believed. In fact, missions was the last thing on my mind and my priority list.

Then it was announced one Sunday that missions season was approaching again, and that teams would be assembled for Japan, Malaysia, and Bangladesh but the dates were not yet announced. I thought to myself, “Bangladesh? Yo, you can’t pay me to go there. It’s poor, hot, dirty, disgusting, and dangerous. And there ain’t no way I’ll walk around covered from neck to ankles in that heat!” I went home after service, and throughout the week I couldn’t shake off this nudging that I kept feeling about at least signing up. I went back and forth with the idea, and wrestled with it, then finally submitted and said “OK, Lord if you want me to go, I’ll go to whichever nation you send me to, and whichever missions lands on my vacation time. But please don’t send me to Bangladesh. Anywhere but Bangladesh!” Needless to say, the following Sunday the dates were announced, and the Lord was sending me to Bangladesh whether I liked it or not. I would soon realize that what God wanted to do in Bangladesh, and in my life, would be a fulfillment of a series of prophecies given to me over the span of the last year and half. It is still so crazy to me how all the dots connect.

During a time of sharing at missions training, I told the team how the word God was showing me was “UFO.” What? At that time, I felt that God was giving me a glimpse of how “alien” we would be in that nation. That just as how bizarre and fascinating we would be if we witnessed a UFO, this would be how the people of that nation would see us. However, we would be “kingdom carriers” bringing with us something out of this world… His Kingdom! So it was no surprise that from the moment we arrived and up until we got on the plane to return home, we were stared at, surrounded by onlookers, drawing immediate crowds wherever we went, and people snapping photos of us constantly. People were so intrigued and curious as to why we were there. I even remember when I had to get my visa at the Bangladesh Embassy, the official asked me with a puzzled look, “Why do you want to go to my country?” as if to say, there was nothing there, and and it was not worth going to. Bangladesh is truly the most unreached nation in the world.

We could not disclose to the Embassy that we were going to Bangladesh for purpose of missions, as it is a Muslim country. Instead we went under the guise of tourist visas. This was very much in alignment with the prophetic word I had received from Pastor Erin, which I received for the whole team as well. I would be like a “secret agent” getting invitations to places to which I would otherwise not get access if they knew I was Christian. This was also very true for us on the mission field, as Pastor Ishan would have to explain to inquiring people that we were a team of students and teachers that were in Bangladesh for a “cultural exchange.” Little did they know, we were there to exchange with them the culture of His Kingdom. Another prophetic word that I received for our team was through my mother’s prayer group that had financially supported me on this mission, as well as covered our team in prayer throughout the month. She shared that our team would be like Navy SEALs, covertly going into enemy occupied territory, setting the captives free, successfully completing a specific mission, then getting out! And that is exactly what we did. We were on an offensive mission, to engage in battle with the enemy, repossess the gates of the enemy, and take back what belongs to God! This was so in line with so many prophetic words we received like the fact that we had a “secret agent,” “sharp-shooter,” “sniper,” and even how the team dynamic was, too. Our team was so “stacked” with anointed and equipped members that carried so much authority and power. Our presence on the field alone was a threat to the enemy. As Pastor Christian had prophesied the day we left for missions, we carried the authority to trample on the enemy; even my whisper would have the power to break off yokes!

A month before leaving for Bangladesh, I was called out by Pastor Del Augusta to receive a prophetic word at Friday Fire. He didn’t know me, nor had we ever spoke. He spoke over me probably the most powerful (and specific) prophetic word I had ever received. Part of it was that I would not only go to the mission fields, but that I would LIKE it! He sung over me these words: “You love the unlovable and you remember the forgotten. Because you know what it feels like to be forgotten.” Now I clearly understand that this was the same heart that I’d have for the people I ministered to in Bangladesh… the forgotten, the unlovable. My heart broke for them. It had nothing to do with their substandard living conditions or even the illnesses that they needed healing for. It wasn’t because I felt pity for their poverty. My heart felt the pain of an orphaned people who knew not the love of their Father, people who have never been truly loved, and from a place that the world had seemingly forgotten. Del also prophesied that I would be like a caged tiger, just waiting to be released, and this is how I felt whenever it was time to lay hands and pray for people.

Every day I couldn’t wait for my chance to minister! I’d be so anxious for the preaching to end so that I could get at the people! This was the most powerful time for me on this trip. Women and children who sat through the sermon with expressionless faces, broke down and cried in my arms as I would pray for them. (I was a hot mess, too.) I will never forget praying for a barren women, who looked about 40 to 45 years of age. As I began to pray for her, I just started declaring fertility over her womb; breaking off the spirit of barrenness on her body and despair in her heart; praying that God will show her favor as he did for Sarah and that her child will be a fulfilling of prophesy and a testament of God’s power, faithfulness and sovereignty to the people of her village. I just declared in faith that when she is becomes pregnant, the people will say it was not the god of Islam or their Hindu gods that healed her, but the only living God, Jehovah Rapha, her healer. We then broke into a total cry-fest with her in my arms. We got BANGLADESHED! ? Looking back on this, I remembered a part of Pastor Del’s prophecy that I hadn’t understood at that time, but now it totally makes sense. He said that I was a midwife, and that I would be used to help give birth to things in the spiritual realm. Hallelujah!! I realized, this is why you sent me here, Lord! This is what I was called here to do! All these salvations, healings, miracles, ministering we did in a Muslim nation, and some in right in front of Hindu shrines. Take that, Satan! Bangladesh is no longer an unreached nation, as thousands have heard the Gospel.

Everyday, as we would go village to village, I saw fields of red bricks where mostly young children work, and endless upon endless fields of jute. In the flesh, I began to become discouraged and thought Lord, what difference could a group of 13 make during one week, when there is too much work to be done here and not enough righteous ones? But the Lord comforted me and spoke to me, that those red bricks may remind you of child labor, injustice, poverty, but believe that the future of Bangladesh will be changed and built up by the hands and faith of the youth; I will raise up houses of prayer in this nation as numerous as the fields of jute that you see. Indeed, “more grows in the garden than the gardener knows he has sown.” Amen!

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