2011 Australia – Danny Kim

Filled With Plunder

As I was preparing for this trip to Australia I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I was being sent with a group of New Philly leaders to minister at a conference centering on the theme of “Believe.” I knew that this trip would be very different from the only other ministry trip I’ve gone on with New Philly, to Baguio City in the northern Philippines. As I myself have been powerfully impacted in conference settings, I was very excited to go. My prayer was that God would use me to impact those in need- just as He had used others to minister to me in my times of need.

The Australia team met for prayer one Saturday before departure. During that time I sensed that FLM was in “labor” and that something great would be birthed during our time in Sydney. This along with the promise of double portion blessings gave me great excitement and expectation to see God move in a powerful way. During this meeting, Pastor Christian also extended an invitation for me to be a seminar speaker at the conference. My sense of responsibility for the trip suddenly spiked and I gained a healthy kind of nervousness. I sensed that my topic was going to be physical healing. I was excited as I began to prepare for the seminar. I was looking forward to the fellowship as well- meeting my friends like DJ and Marie (who had attended New Philly for a bit), getting to know Paul (a former disciple of our lead pastor), and hanging out with Pastor Christian in an outreach setting. The anticipation was building.

Much of our team flew to Australia on different flights. I was accompanied by Mijeong Song. We met at Incheon Airport on the morning of our flight and when we made it to the gate, we received a message from Pastor Christian informing us that many flights to Australia were being canceled and/or delayed due to volcanic ash that had made its way halfway around the world. Our team member Emily from Seattle had to reroute and others were in danger of having their flights either canceled or delayed. Pastor Christian sent out an emergency request for people to begin to pray. The conference was to begin the day after our arrival date and we couldn’t afford to have our travel plans interrupted. Mijeong and I proceeded to board our flight to Guangzhou, China where we would have our layover. While in Guangzhou, we learned that the ash would not be a problem for our flight to Australia. We knew that God had answered our prayers like the loving Daddy that He is.

We made it to Australia with no problems. I slept the majority of the time and was refreshed as we landed at Sydney International Airport. As we came out of baggage claim we were greeted by some of our team members as well as leaders from FLM. We loaded up the van with our luggage and hungry stomachs and set off for our first destination- what would be a personal highlight of the trip- a great Lebanese restaurant near our ministry base and by far the best Lebanese food I’ve ever had. The best Middle Eastern food, for that matter. Hanging out and getting to know the FLM leadership at the restaurant was a great blessing. It was evident that they were awesome brothers who loved Jesus and were committed to their church. Hearing from them about where there church was at helped me to gain insight and prepare more effectively for the conference.

I tend to be relatively quiet at the beginning of an outreach. Knowing that different places have different spiritual climates, I try to observe and get a sense of what’s going on in the spirit and what the culture is like. I also try to conserve my energy for times of ministry and fellowship with the local brothers. On our arrival day I spent most of my free time preparing for my seminar as I adjusted myself to our new surroundings. That night we were taken to a Chinese restaurant where we enjoyed a nice dinner. It was refreshing for me as I was able to catch up with DJ who had gone to YWAM for DTS (Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School). I myself have been highly involved with ministries at YWAM. As we shared YWAM stories and our hearts, there was a fresh excitement stirring up in my spirit about what God would do during our time in Australia.

The next day was the kickoff service for the Believe conference. The team started off each morning worshiping, praying, and fellowshipping- rooted in the Lord and refreshed in His presence. Our first service was that night. Worship was electric, but the crowd was only moderately responsive. Some of the team shared words of knowledge which resulted in healing. I personally got a word of knowledge for partial deafness. As I spoke it out, my team member Emily immediately turned to me and said that the word was for her, sharing how she had been in a major car accident years before. For the next few days she would report that the ringing in her ears had stopped. There were other testimonies of healing that occurred that evening as more words were shared. As a result, faith and expectation started to fill the room. Pastor Christian then went up and shared a powerful message that flowed into a time of ministry. Although we didn’t see much happen outwardly, we got a sense that first night that God was moving powerfully inwardly. We returned to our accommodations and proceeded to have our daily debriefing- sharing testimonies from the ministry times and also what we were picking up in the spirit regarding God’s plans for the conference.

The next day was the first day of seminars. Each speaker did an amazing job. My own seminar was a powerful time filled with Gods presence, revelation, and healing. There was one man in particular who was really highlighted to me- I knew the Lord was in the midst of doing a lasting work in him. At that evening’s service, Pastor Christian preached another powerful message. And during ministry time, God showed up in an undeniable way. People were laid out all throughout the altar as God touched his children. Many were baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire that night. And this was just the beginning.

The following day was like the previous in that we spent the morning teaching our seminars, leading up to an evening where the fire of God would fall. It was my second seminar and this time many more people showed up. Again it was a great time filled with God’s love, resulting in numerous healings. I was blessed to see the gentleman from the previous day’s seminar come this time for my second seminar. He was an older man- somewhere in his 70s. He was so hungry to understand God’s healing power and asked for resources to further his studies in healing after each seminar. I was encouraged to see the honor and humility he displayed. That evening we had another awesome time of worship, leading into words of knowledge and more healing. The word I received that evening was twofold. I heard “depression and headaches.” We were directed to go to the congregation and begin laying hands. I went straight to a girl that was highlighted to me and as I asked her what her condition was, a girl replied by saying depression and headaches. Wow. As we prayed God was faithful and encountered His daughter in a powerful way and her pain was removed.

After a time of healing prayer, Pastor Christian shared the final message of the conference. That evening culminated into one of the most intense fire services I’ve ever experienced. Many young children were crying out to the Lord uncontrollably and just about everyone in the room was set ablaze by His presence. It was like God’s heart was on display- so many transformations taking place before our eyes. God was doing a great internal work not only in the lives of many youth but also in FLM as a body. I knew something very significant was happening in the Spirit. I was honored and privileged to be a part of history. There was a strong sense that what God was doing would not be temporary but would continue and grow for years to come.

The next morning we went to the Sunday pre-service prayer meeting. During that meeting I had a strong sense to share what God had spoken to me even before arriving in Australia: That what He was birthing at FLM would not die in infancy, but would continue to mature into adulthood. As I shared this word, I was surprised as the presence of God came upon me in an unusually strong manner. I felt that what I was sharing was the heart and word of the Lord for FLM, and I knew that the Lord was giving me personal confirmation through the manifestation of His Spirit. At Sunday service, Christian shared another great message where he spoke about submission. As I looked around the room I could see that the message was hitting home especially for those serving on church leadership and on the worship team. There was a paradigm shift that was taking place and a greater peace in my heart as I knew that things were being put in greater order.

The rest of our time was spent in fellowship with various people from different ministries. One night that stood out was when a bunch of ECFers came to our house for a night of sharing and fellowship after a steak dinner. It was amazing. Each had attended the Battlefield Retreat back in 2009- the first time Pastor Christian and a New Philly team was invited out to minister in Australia. Each person shared of how much the Battlefield Retreat had transformed their lives two years ago. We ended the night by splitting into groups and praying for one another. It was a special night and gave greater perspective into the work we do and the long lasting fruit that takes place during missions outreaches.

The Australia outreach as a whole was an amazing time filled with plunder. So many lives were transformed, including my own. Although I couldn’t place a finger on it, I knew that God was doing something deep in my heart through this outreach and that I walked away with a great impartation. The team dynamic was wonderful and our relationships were enriched and deepened which blessed me a lot. I can’t wait for more missions in the future. The end.

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