2011 India – Manipur – Mark Yu

Faithful Because That’s Who He Is

Faithful, Because that’s who He is.

There hadn’t been a time where I was more nervous for a missions trip than ever. What was our schedule? As the worship leader, what kind of songs would be the best for the Kuki church we were hosting the revival for? What kind of songs should I use for our team meetings? What do I need to prepare? Do I need to prepare anything?

The first night after we arrived, Diana Suk and I led worship for a meeting called Monday Fellowship, which was a weekly prayer meeting. Many churches had been gathering for this prayer meeting for 10 years every Monday to pray, I was so excited.

As I prepped the powerpoint really fast, and got up to start worship, I saw everyone’s eyes… and they were on me. Immediately I got nervous and began doubting myself that I couldn’t organize my heart and thoughts to open us up in prayer, but I did get through it. I remember as we sang God is so good, there wasn’t very much singing. So different from New Philly worship. I still tried to lead them into a spirit of worship, but still, not many were singing. Before we knew it, worship was over and I was a bit discouraged, but the service went on and Pastor Christian came up and did a healing altar call and a message. I was so excited to see God physically heal so many! Our team was doing exactly what Jesus and the Apostles were doing! I was so excited!

Then it was the first night of worship of the revival service. Time to lead worship again, but this time we arrived a bit late and didn’t have words prepared for the first night of worship. Feeling unprepared, we did the worship set, with not many people singing, but the Spirit of the Lord was there. This was a very conservative Baptist church so many did not even sing loud. But God had something in store for this church. Something that they probably didn’t even expect. Pastor Christian did a call for healing and as many people stood and we prayed for them with the church congregation, they were getting physically healed. That night, with word of knowledge from the Lord about stomach pains or issues, I prayed for healing for a woman, and God healed her! Despite my doubts and discouragement, God wanted to touch and heal these people and more than ever, establish identity in Christ and freedom of worship.

Before the second night of the revival, our team did an amazing VBS for the children of the church and in the area. At first, many children were reluctant to dance at all, but by the end, ALL the children were shouting with joy and dancing their hearts out! I believe that this was a prophetic symbol of what God was also going to do with the adults of the church. That morning, Heaven began to open over this church, and I knew that God was going to move in an even mightier way.

The second night of the revival, even more people showed up with almost ALL the children from VBS. As they sang with freedom, the adults began to notice them, and slowly I saw hands being lifted, eyes being closed, and voices being lifted up. God was establishing a freedom of worship! After Pastor Erin gave a message of identity, the Spirit of God began to break off unforgiveness and demonic bondage for many. Many were being set free that night. But the best had yet to come!

The third night, worship was AMAZING. The Spirit was thick in the place and almost everyone was singing and many of the adults and children were praisin’ it up! I will never forget a little girl, no older than four years old, standing on the pew next to her mother, both raising their hands, and both crying as they worshipped the Lord together. God did it. He was establishing his love, freedom, and sonship. That night dozens of people went under the glory of God and being set free from demonic bondage. Glory was being established.

All along, I was thinking it was about me. How “spiritually ready” I was or how well I led worship or how much faith I had or how prepared I was. But it really wasn’t about me. It was just enough for me to be there, trying to be faithful in my role for my team, and being faithful to the ministry we were doing. God was faithful to the Kuki people. Because that’s who He is: Faithful One.

“If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is.” – 2 Timothy 2:13

It’s was never about me. It was about God and His love for the people of India.
I learned so much about the heart of God and grew so much on this trip.

And despite my silly worries, God rocked Manipur. LITERALLY. About 9 hours after we left, there was a 6.4 earthquake in the city of Imphal we ministered at (http://www.e-pao.net/GP.asp?src=4..050211.feb11). Remember before his last breath Christ said, “It is finished,” and the ransom was paid for our sin and the earth trembled? It was a sign of victory, and I’m trusting that as we took dominion in Manipur, God was claiming victory!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! I hope to go back to India soon to spend more time and follow up with the Kuki people!


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