2011 Philippines – General Santos – Myunghwa Choi

He Will Be Exalted


Thank you all your support and prayer for my mission trip to General Santos, the Philippines! I am back with lots of great testimonies which I’m about to share with you, and also with a new nickname “General Myungtos!” It was a great honor to have led a team of amazing brothers and sisters, to the area where God is moving so mightily.

Even before the missions recruiting started for this trip, God spoke clearly that He wanted me to lead a team to the Philippines. This trip was going to be my 10th overseas mission trip with New Philly, as well as 4th trip to the Philippines. It was confirmed in my spirit when I heard that our destination was General Santos, (“Gensan” from here on) because Gensan always had a special place in my heart since my first visit in 2009. I knew this trip had been planned by the LORD.

God marked this leading experience with PEACE beyond understanding – not because our team was perfect (in fact, no team is easy to lead!) but because peace in my heart allowed anointing to flow freely into my leadership and team as well. Honestly, when I received the list of team members, I did not know what to expect regarding team dynamic and the quality of ministry we could do because many of them were new to missions and we didn’t know each other well. (We also had three sisters from Australia who flew in a week before the trip!) We did have some miscommunication among members (aka “drama”), along with many “last minute” changes. Regardless, I didn’t have to strive. I didn’t have to cry with frustration once! It was truly “easy” when anointing was flowing. I realized that anxiety, burden, doubts, striving, and intimidation block the anointing. And thank God that his peace was a strong shield over my soul.

From the beginning of the trip, our team was determined to “PRAISE” through each day, and His goodness was chasing after us, Hallelujah! Upon our arrival, we stayed at a super-nice, brand-new, yet affordable hotel with hot shower, A/C, and delicious breakfast throughout the trip, ate the best food (fresh tuna, ALL kinds of tropical fruit, amazing home-cooked meals, and even BALUT!), had busy yet effective ministry schedule, and even the weather was perfect! One of the greatest blessings we had was to have amazing native partners accompanying us everywhere. The love and support they showed us was beyond hospitality or servant’s heart. Pastor ChingTao and Pastor Dan were filled with wisdom, honor, passion, spiritual authority, fun and fatherly love. Later on, we just called them Papa Ching and Papa Dan.I learned so much from them about God’s heart for mission, strategy, partnership, family, and even godly relationship! (YES, the “marriage” kind!) God is truly GOOD!

The first couple days of ministry were quite successful, yet we hadn’t seen any fire yet. The third day was “the day.” We visited a Bible College which I visited in 2009 and saw the “craziest” fire! And surely enough, God went beyond and above. Team members shared quick words of knowledge as we followed the voice of the Holy Spirit, and an altar was created even before preaching went out. And it was a “game over”! Power was sweeping across the altar with deliverance, baptism of the Spirit, inner healing, and refilling of the Spirit. Praise God!

Not long after, we had to admit that it was just a trailer. We have two revival services with about 300 youth that night. During praise, I literally thought I was teleported to heaven! It was too life-filled to be true… I’ve never seen young people praising God with that intensity and joy. It was a challenging, yet heavenly moment that I will never forget. As I was scheduled to preach that afternoon, I was asking God what I had to speak on. God reminded me of a girl that I met at the Bible College. I told her that Daddy loves her, and she whispered back to me “…sometimes.” That broke my heart, and I knew it was breaking of the Father’s heart. I preached a simple message: God is your Father, and He loves you with perfect love. Holy Spirit guided me to share my personal story of my own dad, how he failed being a perfect father no matter how hard he tried. I told them that my perception of my earthly father had affected how I viewed the heavenly Father. Many were sobbing through my message. The altar was flooded with tears. Girls aged 10 or 11 were wailing on the ground. God was binding the broken hearts of his children. I couldn’t pray a single word out, I just went around hugging them, wiping their tears, and weeping with them. After the service was over, God spoke to me: “Myunghwa, It is your life message that I ordained over your life. Carry this message wherever you go to.” I received those, and I’m honored and excited to preach the Father’s perfect love to this fatherless generation.

One night, I gathered the team to pray for another youth revival scheduled the following day. We cried for “double portion” of what we saw before. The following day, service began and I preached on how God forgave our sins in order to have “intimate” relationship with us, therefore, redeemed people cannot be lukewarm in our relationship with Him! I opened the altar for deeper intimacy, but there was “shame factor” holding people back. At that moment, God whispered Psalm 46:10 to me: “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” It gave me immense peace, and I left the stage and went into the crowd to pray for people, so did the team. After a while, I looked up and I was almost startled by the scene: every single person in the room was having powerful encounter with God on their knees, lying and shaking on the ground, weeping, praising, laughing, and everything you can imagine! It looked like the whole room was turned into a big altar. (God truly gave us more than double portion that night, just by looking at the size of the altar)

There are so much more to be shared, but space is limited and my words are not good enough. We saw crazy worship, surrender, fire, 100% physical healings, salvation, healing, deliverance… In short, things from ABOVE, things from His Kingdom. Nothing would’ve been possible without the power from Him. I learned a simple yet powerful lesson that God is God. And when I know that “He WILL be exalted in the nations and in the earth”, I can stay still in peace. I believe we were able to move in such power because we didn’t try to prove that God is God, but simply believed that He is who He is. We didn’t try to exalt Him by what we could do, but let him be exalted by what He does Himself.

Thank you for your partnership, and I want to tell you that all these testimonies are YOURS, so claim them! Thank you for reading and God bless you!

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