2011 Philippines – Baguio – Justin Yu

God’s Greatest Creation


I believe this mission’s trip can best be described as the epitome of what Jesus Christ really died on the cross for. What the great commission was really about.

I’ve been on many different missions trips. But this mission’s trip was different.
I had different expectations. Going on a mission’s trip with New Philly, a church anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit, I was excited to see God’s fire fall upon his people, for healings, and for miracles.

And we sure did see these things! We witnessed about 324 salvations (along with 324 heavenly and angelic celebrations). We witnessed about 40 healings. Freeing people of paralysis, arthritis, knee pain, back pain, toothaches, migraines, asthma, diabetes, bowel movements, heartbeat irregularities, feet swelling, right arm pain, depression, and the inability to forgive.

It was amazing to see and witness these things. The power of the Holy Spirit is still new to me. More and more I’m seeing how powerfully God is moving in the world today, especially in the eastern world.

However, as I think back upon this missions trip, its not the healings, fire, and miracles that God is constantly reminding me about. But rather God is constantly reminding me of the fundamental basis of it all. The true power behind the powerful workings of the Holy Spirit, Love. Jesus Christ is Love. And because He was LOVE, He moved with such power. It’s the greatest weapon against the enemy.

I’m in a season in my life where, although I grew up in church and thought I learned everything I needed to know about Christianity, God is just wrecking me with greater revelations of the seemingly simplistic yet profound concept of his greatest creation: Love. This past year was a year where God radically transformed my life by revealing to me what His Love really was. To be honest, I didn’t really feel like a “Christian” before this time. This journey of growing in epic faith and hungering after Him all started with Love. Because He first loved me.

And it was in this mission’s trip that really put this Love to the test in my life. The greatest memory I have of this mission’s trip wasn’t so much the church revivals, high school revivals, or the healing service. My greatest memory happened at a time outside of our designated plan and schedule. A divine leading of the spirit of God.

It was our 3rd day in Baguio and we ended our day of ministry early. After dinner, Jon Nuefeld, our mission’s team leader, felt a calling from the Lord to go to a nearby park and minister there. As I was walking there, I remember getting a bit excited to do this, because I’ve never really done street ministry before. But more and more, there was this fear that was gripping me. Fear of approaching a stranger. Fear of not knowing what to say. Fear of being awkward. So for a good time, I started out just standing there on the side of the street, as people passed by. Families, Street Vendors, Men, Women, Elders, Kids, & Teenagers. I felt overwhelmed. “Its okay, its my first time.” I was making excuses in my mind. Its at this time, God initiated a conversation,
“You are not the healer, you are not savior.”

It was humbling but liberating at the same time. I was overwhelmed with fear and insecurity because I was placing this task upon on myself. It’s not my duty, but rather its God who works through me. I am simply a vessel. He began reminding me of a Love and passion living inside me, followed motivations that bubbled up an excitement to share this good news. Right before coming out to the park, there was strange numbness over both of my legs. At that moment, I remember Daddy saying that I was going to encounter someone who had this same numbness in his or her leg.

As I was standing outside on the side of the street having this conversation with the Father and being reminded of this numbness that came over me just before, I suddenly saw a man coming towards my direction on a wheelchair. I remember the first thought in my mind was, “Oh my gosh, this is it. This is him.” He was approaching quickly towards my direction as I just stood there and stared at him coming towards my direction. At that moment, fear decided to take its shot.
“He’s going too fast, I won’t be able to catch him.”
“-_- Really? He’s in a wheelchair…Go” That’s really what I think Daddy said.

I took my first nervous step forward and started to chase after him. He was really fast. My other teammates Semy and Fei also came along as we chased him down. By the time we tapped on his shoulder and asked if we can talk to him, we were panting and gasping for air.

His name was Jeffrey. A man that I soon learned to be the most gentle, kind, and warm-hearted person I’ve ever met. We asked him what was wrong with his leg. I asked him if there was any pain in his leg?
He said “No.”
I was confused. So I asked him, “Why are you in a wheelchair?”
I felt really blunt when asking him these questions.
He answered, “I can’t feel anything in my legs. I have polio.”

Numbness in his legs. As we prayed for him and shared about our lives, I remember there was such a huge smile on my face. There was almost a supernatural love flowing out of me for this man. A man I just met on the street. He smiled and repeatedly said that it feels good to receive the love of God. And man, it was so easy. And it was so amazing. To actually speak life into someone through love. Jeffrey wasn’t healed of Polio that day, but man both of him and I parted ways with so much joy and a fulfilling of God’s love.

After this night, I couldn’t help but constantly think of home, my Jerusalem. Both Berkeley, California and Fullerton, California. I couldn’t help but imagine myself simply going around schools, neighborhoods, town centers, party scenes, and parks with some brothers to just simply walk around and talk to people. Motivated by love and following the leading of the spirit. And man, who knows what God can do through these times. What healings can take place, both inner and physical.

Imagine if fear got a hold of me, numbing the voice of the spirit and choking up the overflow of God’s love. I would have never met Jeffery. There is always a bit of fear. But the reality is always so much more sweeter and exciting than what my fears predict it to be.

This is what Jesus died on the cross for. To live a life similar to what we have been doing for the 7 days in Baguio. To celebrate as the lost sheep become found sheep. To live and share out of an overflow of Christ’s love. God’s actual plan for this trip went far beyond my own expectations.

p.s. I loved every single one of our team members. Each of them were simply amazing. So much joy resonated amongst each other. Baguio Fam <3

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