2010 Indonesia – Jakarta – Caleb Lee

Checking My Mind at the Door

“And he said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” – John 1:51

This was our summer mission team’s verse and our theme was “Open Heaven.” We wanted to see Heaven open, and we wanted to bring the Kingdom of God into the world that we live in. I was excited! I was pumped! I wanted to see the fire of God fall on hundreds of people and see Him heal people left and right. The Niagara Conference had given me the momentum that I needed, and I was going to release the Kingdom onto Jakarta! But as soon as I landed in Jakarta, I felt a block. Something was off. The freedom that we experience here in New Philly wasn’t there. We were going to have to press in and fight to bring an “Open Heaven.”

Two things became very noticeable throughout all of our ministry opportunities. First, all the churches were quite conservative. Second, not too many people were showing up. Apart from the IKAT Bible College (our first ministry place), most of the churches that we ministered to had a very small turn out. Some were as small as 6 people. It’s an understatement to say that I was a disappointed. Where were all the people that God was going to heal? How were we going to bring revival when there were only 6 people in the congregation? I was getting frustrated: not just with the small turnouts, but also with the spiritual atmosphere of the churches. You could literally feel the religious walls of the churches. But in the midst of all of this, God was telling me something. He was telling me not to think and see with my mind, but to think and see with my spirit. He was telling me that every church that we went to was chosen by Him. However small the number of people at the church, he wanted us to be there and He wanted us to release the Kingdom into their lives. And for the churches with the religious spirits, He wanted us to show them the freedom they could have in the Lord. As I started thinking less and less with my mind, and more and more with my heart and my spirit, I began to see the work that God was doing in these churches. He was healing people. Maybe not by the hundreds, but He was healing people. But more than that, He was showing people that He is a God that heals. And as the fire of God came and people began to fall under the power of God, He was delivering people from sin and shame.

We went to over 11 different ministry places throughout Jakarta, and every time God showed up. Even though some were as small as 6 people, when we had an altar call, they would all come up to receive prayer. God taught me a valuable lesson in Jakarta. He showed me that ministry is not about our understanding or what we can do. It’s about His will and His heart for His people. When we try to base ministry on our understanding and our methods, we set ourselves up for disappointment. But as we go in the leading of His Spirit, we are victorious because no matter what, because the victory is His.

In the end, God even redeemed the fact that the number of people at our services was quite small. Near the end of our time there, Sister Donna gave us an opportunity to speak live on the radio. RPK 96.30 FM gave us a whole hour to minister live to its listeners. Our team sang a song together (Hosanna), while Pastor Erin preached and answered questions. She was on point! After that we closed with Herman Kim’s song “Victory.” It was pretty awesome. But what really blew our minds was when we found out afterwards that 300,000 people listened to us that night. 300,000! Our God never disappoints!

I learned so much on this mission trip. It was both humbling and empowering at the same time. I learned that as I remove my flesh from the ministry, and let the Sprit of God come in, God is able to fully do His thing. Nothing is going to stop Him from doing what He wants to do. Amen, praise God, and thank you all for your support and prayer!


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