2010 China – Mat Wachtor

A Land Flowing With Milk Tea and Honey

“We came to the land to which you sent us. It flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. However the people who dwell in the land are strong, and the cities fortified and very large.” – Numbers 13:27-28

This passage is critical in understanding what the Lord has been doing in China before we arrived, what He did while we were there, and will do in this nation within a few years.

The testimony of what God had planned for the China mission trip started back in June. After about a month of training with the Jakarta team, I was switched to the China team. When I got the call asking if I would consider it in prayer, I already knew that God had planned for me to go to China. While God, Lisa (the New Philly Missions Director), and I all knew that I was destined to make it to the Middle Kingdom, Satan had other plans. At the beginning of July a new law was passed regarding foreign residents (of Korea) getting the Chinese visa, stating that those applying for a visa needed six more months left on their current Korean visa. I did not fall into this category, as my visa was set to expire two days after the expected return date. After arduous attempts of seeking visa processing within Korea and America, a leap of faith took me and brother Tigger to Hong Kong to get our Chinese visas there. I remember talking with Lisa on the phone telling her that I would not be denied from going to China, and then 12 hours later sitting on the plane to Hong Kong wondering what I had just did. There was definitely a surge of faith that took over to ensure that I made it to Hong Kong. Although I had my doubts, I kept thinking about Joshua and Caleb, and their reaction to the Promised Land. I was clinging onto this revelation as we flew out from Seoul. I kept praying Joshua 1:3 “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, and just as I promised to Moses.” As I traveled through six different cities, I would pray this over the land: that as a son of God, I have the authority to claim the land and the expansion of His Kingdom. Once we arrived in Hong Kong, we found that it was smooth sailing for the visa process.

While Tigger and I were in Hong Kong, I had received a prophetic word in an email from Pastor John-Michael stating that God had sent out Tigger and myself as scouts. Once I read his email, another surge of faith came through me because the trip to Hong Kong and the early arrival to Shanghai now made perfect sense. I was also convicted to have an open mind toward what God was doing in China, especially through me. The story of the Israelite spies is that they saw people of the land and became fearful because their eyes were not on the Lord. God was challenging me to take on the attitude of Caleb, because we could take the land for ourselves and there was nothing to stop us because the Lord is for us.

My mission as a scout began in Hong Kong and Shanghai, but continued throughout the entire trip. By time the team had arrived to Shanghai on Monday, I had already had time to assess what was going on throughout the city. After exploring for a few days I could definitely feel that there was a high level of lust within both the city and the land. Throughout our travels we passed by numerous brothels, which were sometimes side-by-side, and even passed through bus stations where predators waited for naïve girls from the countryside to come in order to trap them into the sex industry.

While the trip may not have been a typical New Philly mission trip with seeing large scale healings or other supernatural manifestations of the Spirit, the fire of that was poured was special and specific to exactly what China needed. The team had a few opportunities heal the sick and break demonic oppression off of our brothers and sisters, but most of the time we had was spent studying the land and the people. When we were in Nanjing, we met and prayed for five native pastors who are in that area. Two of them were pastoring thirty churches, just by themselves, and without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Something shifted as we prayed for them, though you could see physical manifestations. As we stood there in the room, I could sense that one of the angels that was with us was holding fireball within his hand. When I asked him what it was, he said that he came to bring the fire of revival for these pastors, and that God would use these five men to spark a great movement within China. The fire was imparted to all of them. As the spiritual atmosphere shifts within China, I know that we will remember the day we met these pastors during their “humble” beginnings.

The final report that I have to give is that China is a land that is overflowing with milk and honey. While there are so many people there who do not know the Gospel, and are in various forms of bondage and demonic oppression, the Chinese people are ripe to receive the Good News. We as God’s chosen people are to be the ones to “go up at once and occupy it, for we are well able to overcome it.” As Pastor Benjamin Robinson said during the Niagara Conference, at this hour God is awakening the ancient power, which has not been seen since the book of Acts. With the resource of people and the infrastructure to go from Asia to both Europe and the Middle East, God will pour out His Spirit on China, and the people will abandon themselves to Him and take the Gospel through Central Asia and the Middle East. Yes and amen!

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