2010 Philippines – David Kang

Furious Love

“I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds. Your way, O God is holy. What god is great like our God? You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the people.” Psalm 77:12-14

Lately God has been teaching me more about his love and presence. The more I soak in His presence, the more I tangibly feel His love and the heavens open up around me. I am realizing more how God desires me to hear his heart, be aligned with it, and to release that onto this earth. I saw this happen on my winter mission trip to the Philippines. I witnessed God’s love come in the form of praying for the sick, praying for the baptism of the holy spirit, sharing testimonies, and loving the person in front of me. It was real, and it was powerful.

I had several opportunities this trip to share my testimony and let the Holy Spirit speak through me. In the remote mountains of Mindanao, I was assigned to speak to a group of men. I shared about the presence of God, about how real it is, and how good it is. As the Holy Spirit spoke through me, I noticed their faith begin to rise up. It was almost as if I could see their spirits jump up and say “YES, lemme get that” I knew God saw their hunger and would reveal himself to them. In that village, as we prayed for people, we saw a bunch of people get healed and hit with the fire of God.

In the city of Malay Balay, I had a chance to talk to a college student. I again felt the Holy Spirit telling me to share my testimony. After I shared it, He began opening up to me. He shared with me all of his problems and how much he wanted to give God his heart, but how hard it was for him to surrender certain things. As I shared about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how God desires a relationship with us, I knew his heart was getting stirred up. Later that night I got to pray for him during the alter call and the fire of God was poured out on Him.

One night I had a dream with a women being attacked by a witch. The witch tried to kiss the women and steal her soul out of her body. Yes, it was very freaky and I thought nothing of it. But later that night our team got a call that the missionary’s wife, who was pregnant, was having complications. There was a chance for a premature birth. I knew the dream was no coincidence and that it was an attack of Satan. Our team identified this attack, and interceded and prayed for a full term pregnancy. We disallowed and prohibited any illegal activity of Satan to come upon her. A few days later we ran into her at the mall of Asia and heard that she was healed.

This seemed to be the constant theme of our trip. Going out with the father’s heart and watching our father work in amazing signs and wonders. I know God never looked at me as a mission project or a to do list. But instead is jealous for my love. On this trip we saw over 40 healings and the Holy Spirit poured out on the people we got to minister to. But more than the numbers or data, I was most blessed at how God used me to release His love to the person in front of me. Every opportunity there was, weather in a car ride, or at the alter call, I felt God clearly telling me, “there! Go release my love.”

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