2010 India – Brian Kim

Open Heavens in India:
An Outpouring of the Father’s Love


From February 13th to 18th our team of 11 spirit-filled soldiers went to India with the Father’s love on our hearts and a spirit of boldness on our feet. The great majority of our team was part of a group that went a year earlier, including myself. And while this may initially have seemed like a blessing, we came to realize that there was great temptation to keep things the same. And why not? God did amazing things last year as a Spirit of Revival was birthed and God’s fire was generously poured out. And while that is a testimony I will never forget, that anointing was for that season. God’s doing a new thing now, and we couldn’t afford to miss that by dwelling on things of the past. He is constantly calling us to put on new wineskins because he wants to pour out a sweet anointing that might overflow and burst last year’s skins. God had been [and still is] revealing the Father’s love and releasing a spirit of adoption on our church in this season, and that’s what He wanted us to carry with us. He calls us to be faithful stewards of this love, and promises us that he will work mightily through it if we walk in obedience. So even though the same God called us back together with nearly the same team to go to the same orphanages, to work with the same pastors and to even minister to a lot of the same kids, things were not the same..

We saw confirmation and fruit before we even hit the missions field. By God’s grace, He opened up the doors of favor for us to get off several waitlists to get cheaper tickets (very important given our tight budget). And while God’s provision for transportation was an incredible testimony a year prior, this year, the transportation itself was a vehicle for testimony. While the tickets were cheaper, it meant we would have two layovers. I hate layovers; let me make that very clear. I get motion sickness quickly and planes are no exception, especially during the hard ascents and harder descents. So it was easy for me to grumble about our flight situation instead of giving praise. But God quickly humbled me and showed me that He had a purpose. On one of the legs of our flight, a couple of the sisters on our team began talking to a flight attendant and got to pray for her and her neck and back pain. God showed up. Her neck and back were completely healed. And as this story spread to the other flight attendants, our whole team received special favor to pray for several of the other flight attendants after the flight landed and everyone else had left the plane. We saw several other attendants either healed or touched by God, even those who weren’t Christian. If this was what God could do on the flight, we knew there was a mighty harvest ready for us in India!

We arrived on a Saturday night and began a full schedule of near non-stop ministry starting on Sunday morning. In the morning we got to run the full service at The Last Resort, a small Christian rehab clinic; in the night time we got full reigns over Kuki Worship Service, a service for about 400 Manipurian college students. While the two services were completely different, we saw God really starting to open up his portals of Glory. We saw people getting touched and healed, just like on the plane. During the worship times, God began to open up the heavens and the messages went out to hearts that were ready, despite what their faces may have conveyed. Our team then got opportunities to get up on stage and give words of knowledge about certain ailments and illnesses in the room, and invited those people who responded to receive prayer for healing. All this healing was a bit startling when compared to the one or two healing testimonies I had ever seen in my life before New Philly. And while everyone who stood up for prayer did not get healed, God was moving and revealing himself more intimately to our team. His presence was in the buildings and His anointing was flowing through our team.

Our team was also coming together, when at many points before we left, it seemed like our team was falling away from one another. But as we entered India and began to minister together, a level of God’s grace for unity fell upon us; and we began to minister with a thick and powerful corporate anointing. As we were able to love one another with the Father’s heart, it was that much easier to minister to others with the same heart. This was a heart that we needed, especially as we headed to the orphanages. The majority of our trip was actually spent at two orphanages, about 1 full day at Mary Clare and nearly 2 full days at Grace Home. This time was a truly precious time, and reminded of some lyrics from a song I had been listening to for the last few months called The Anthem by Jake Hamilton: “He’s calling wake up child, it’s your turn to shine, you were born for such a time as this.” These children were meant to shine and God would not deny them.

Our first stop was at Mary Clare, an orphanage that held a special place in our hearts because of the blessed time we had with them a year earlier. We knew that these were not ordinary children. They were prayer warriors, ranging from maybe 5 to 12 years old. They had a zealous passion and fire for God that could not be put out. As soon as we got there, it was so easy to just pick them up and love on them with the Father’s heart. And throughout the day and the nighttime revival service, we saw children healed and we saw God intervening during an amazing time of prayer. But the moment that really sticks out for me was when we had just finished going over some VBS songs. We had a little extra time in our schedule, and I just felt the Holy Spirit saying, “teach them a song”. I then asked “What song?” and God replied “You know”. And I did know right away that He wanted to teach them a song called Victory, written by a dear friend of our ministry, Hermann Kim. The song proclaims that we are the fire-filled Army of God, going out and proclaiming freedom and victory. As the children learned this song, the anthem of God’s victory began building up in their spirit. And when we sang this song together during the worship service, a thunderous sound arose that was both a sweet fragrance to our King and also a mighty battle cry that put fear into the heart of the enemy as an army of young prayer warriors gathered together and prophetically declared victory over the land that they would conquer for God’s Kingdom and for His Glory!

Our last stop was Grace Home, and this is where God would show us some of the most powerful ministry of our trip. To give some quick background information, Grace Home is an orphanage really built and started on the grace and favor of God under the direction of Pastor John. They are under constant persecution and fall victim to government corruption. But they received immense favor to build a new building, and that was the building we got to visit. The foundation was just being laid when we were there last year; and this year we got to see the children living there and enjoying the new building! And just as God showed up to provide the building, God’s Glory did not fail to show up and fill this testament to grace. In the last couple months, God has been teaching me about worship in the throne room and that was my prayer as the worship leader on the trip. During our last revival service, which was held at Grace Home, our team experienced open heavens and worship in the throne room of God. Though we were singing “old” and simple songs, God’s presence came in in a way that we could not ignore. And as we were closing our time of worship, singing “Hallelujah, hallelujah”, God’s glory began to manifest as people starting dancing and just worshipping with all they had. And as we were clapping loudly and shouting to our Lord, the doors of the sanctuary opened, and a group of people came in who were late because a bus had broken down. And one by one as they entered, the singing became even louder and we just praised God for bringing them in. And while I’m trying to describe this using words, there really are no words to describe the portal of Glory that was open that night. With God’s presence already so thick in that room, Erin Samo’s words went out to fertile soil and we saw many healings that night, along with salvation and other testimonies. We also saw children being used to heal and being set apart for His ministry and worship.

God is real and His power is available to us today. Thank you for partnering with me on this trip. We really could not have done anything without your prayers and contributions. Thank you and God Bless!

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