2009 Cambodia B – Haewon Park

Hammered Into Love

Haewon Park
August 2009

The 2009 Cambodia/Thailand summer missions trip was an amazing time of sowing, as we visited many orphanages and a couple of church, during which quite a lot of young children gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. It was also a time of knocking on the doors of heaven as we cried out to the Lord for greater things, for more of His Spirit and more of His Kingdom to come upon the two nations. Personally, God has taught me incredible lessons that I believe will take me to the greater levels that God wants me to reach in my relationship with Him. He has awakened my heart to desire for more. For more growth. For more of His glory and power to be manifested in the nations. He has also taught be me the power of love.

The Cambodia B team that I was a part of was a young team with 12 members, 8 of which, including myself are still college students. It was also the first mission trip for many of the team members. Yet, being a part of this team, God has given me a greater desire to grow and mature. On our first day of ministry, a lot of us were not quite sure of what we were supposed to do. Thus, during our first ministry time, we were everywhere but not where we were supposed to be. The music for the VBS and skits were not ready, the props were not prepared in advance, and some of us were off in our little world during the prayer time instead of staying alert for directions from Pastor Christian. When we got back into the van to get to our next location, Pastor Christian gave us quite a hammering. Praise the Lord that His grace is so sweet and powerful. Instead of being discouraged, every single one of the members immediately took the hammering with humble hearts and we did much better at the next orphanage that we visited. During our team meeting later that night, God encouraged the team through our leader Inoh, who shared that she felt that God is raising up future leaders through this young team. We were learning from our mistakes, and God showed us His grace through it all. His grace is an amazing thing. It is this grace that allows us to rise up to become greater men and women of God. It doesn’t keep us in the same place to wallow in our mistakes and weaknesses but instead it urges us to rise up again and again to become the person that He already sees us as. As Paul urged Timothy to not let anyone look down on him because he is young, but to set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity, through the team and the way everyone rose up to take on their responsibilities, God stirred in me a greater desire for growth and maturity.

In addition to a greater desire for growth and maturity, God awakened me to ask for MORE of His glory and power to manifest in Cambodia and Thailand. Throughout the trip and times of ministry, God wanted us to seek after His Spirit and the fire and through it God taught us to not take the Holy Spirit’s ministry for granted. On our last full day in Thailand, we got to rest and walk around the streets of Pattaya. We saw the many red lights and bars on the streets of Pattaya and as we gathered in front of mall and prayed for the revival and healing of the city, I could sense that God’s heart was breaking for the city. On our way back to the hotel we were staying in, God put within me a hunger to be sent out into the streets and seeing God’s anointing breaking the yokes and freeing people from their bondages in the future.

God also taught me lessons about the power of love and compassion.

God’s love heals. During one of the revivals in Cambodia, I got to pray for a grandma who asked for prayer for her shoulder pain and a headache. We had prayed that God would fill us with His love and compassion the night before during the team meeting, and when I began to pray for the grandma, my heart started to break and I began to cry. God’s compassion was filling my heart and when I opened my eyes, I saw that the grandma was also crying. After the prayer, she looked extremely joyful. After the prayer time was over, Pastor Christian asked if there was anyone who was healed. The grandma was one of the first ones to raise her hand and she shared her testimony of how God healed her of the shoulder pain and the headache. God had healed her through His own compassion and love.

His love also brings forgiveness. During the VBS time at one of the churches in Cambodia, as I was leading one of the VBS songs, I saw a boy hitting another boy. The boy who got hit could no longer focus on the song and the moves because he was angry. He folded his arms, stared at the boy who had hit him and pouted.

When I saw this happen right in front of me, there was nothing else for me to do but keep singing to him how much God loves him. So when the lyrics of the VBS song sang “….there’s a way to say that He loves You” I kept on pointing at the boy. After a couple of times, the boy started to smile again and continued on to follow the motions. Perhaps this might seem like a silly example of how God’s love brings forgiveness, but I feel that as I was singing to the boy of how God loves him, there were things happening in the spiritual realm. While the devil tried to take away his joy by planting anger and unforgiveness in his heart, God’s love allowed him to let go of the situation and to just rest in His joy.

God’s love and compassion also brings forth joy. When we were walking around in Pattaya, we went into a small mall. Right in front of the entrance was a store where a lady was selling sunglasses. We asked the lady how much the glasses were, and perhaps knowing that we weren’t too interested in actually buying them, she was very snappy and unkind. After looking around a little more we came back to the entrance to gather together to leave. It was then that I noticed that the lady at the sunglasses store had crutches and a bandage around her foot. Even though I was reminded of how unkind she was to us, I felt like God was saying, why don’t you pray for her? I grabbed Mina and we prayed for her foot. Amazingly, after the prayer, she began to smile and her countenance had changed completely. When I asked if she knows Jesus, she answered that she does know Him a little bit, but was too busy to go to church because of work. God had encouraged her, filled her with joy and reminded her of His unending love in the midst of her busy life.

God has taught me so much through the trip and as we hunger for more I know He will send us back to both Cambodia and Thailand equipped with greater and greater anointing of His Spirit and His love and compassion. He has started a good work in the two nations, and we will see His glory and power being manifested and the anointing of the Holy Spirit healing the wounds and breaking chains off of His people. I want to thank everyone for joining in the Kingdom work with your support and prayers, through which I was able to go out into the nations to take part in what God is doing there and also to learn new lessons that will take me deeper into His heart. Greater things have yet to come. HALLLELUJAH.

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