2009 Cambodia A – Minsook Hong

Diving Deeper Into the Revelation of God

Minsook Hong
August 2009

(Minsook shared her testimony on August 9th at the Missions Reporting Service. Click here to listen.)

I knew that this mission trip was going to be different from my previous mission trip to Cambodia but I didn’t know to what extent and I didn’t know all the details until I got there. We have been going through training, preparing ourselves for spiritual warfare but it wasn’t until I was in the lands of Cambodia and Thailand that I realized Satan has such a strong grip on these lands and we were indeed in the battlefields, declaring war. There was so much idolatry, witchcraft, bondages that need to be broken even in the remote areas. But glory to God, He is raising up his people even in remote areas to be a strong tower and witnesses of Christ.

Through the mission trip to Cambodia and Thailand, God was showing me, teaching me, giving me more insight about love, healing and revelation of God. I was asking God for healing to occur during the trip, not only inner healing, but physical healing as well. There are so many amazing testimonies about God’s healing hands touching believers and nonbelievers in the bible, in Africa and I wanted to see that happen in Cambodia and Thailand. It would bring forth many back to Christ just like in the times of Jesus’ healing ministry, but I also wanted to see because the healing itself would be a big encouragement for me since it would be God telling me that, see, I can heal people, do wonders and surely I can bring healing to your life as well. During the start of our trip I was not seeing them happening and I was feeling discouraged. There was this young baby that could not walk during our last ministry time in Cambodia and we all prayed to God to heal him. I wanted to see him walk but it didn’t happen that night. But God kept on telling me to focus on what he is doing and giving him praise even when I cannot see his works. There was inner healing happening when people came up to repent and surrender their lives to God, and praise reports of physical healing during ministry time. It was not about me, but it was about what God was doing. There was a matter of feeling unsatisfied, wanting to see more verifiable healing testimonies but I decided to take all that to God and pray for more healing miracles. I know that there’s nothing impossible for God, he’s massaging that baby’s legs right now giving him strength and muscles, and now that I’m back in Korea, I really need to press in regarding God’s healing powers and to really walk by faith.

Another thing God taught me during the trip was how important it is for God’s people (myself included) to have the revelation of God (of who He is) and revelation from God (what God is telling us). When people are touched by the spirit and have the revelation of who God truly is, then comes true joy, then comes true repentance, then comes true freedom, true worshippers getting filled with His fire. In the afternoon of the second day in Cambodia, we visited a small church called Life for Living church which was in a remote area but I was amazed and blessed by the hunger and passion these young people have. I saw the faces while they were listening to the sermon and the testimony and they were soaking it all in. During the prayer time of repentance, I saw the tears as the young leaders repented and the prayers of commitment to God. That can only happen when Holy Spirit comes down and gives them the revelation of the one true God.

As for me, I realized how much I needed revelation of God and revelation from God. Since it was my first time to lay hands and pray for people, it was a struggle for me to really press in and pray for each person as a loving brother, as a loving sister. At times, I would feel so strongly about the person I am praying for, my heart would be beating quicker, my face would be smudged with tears and I knew God wanted to reveal Himself more to that person. I wanted to pray the prayers that were not my words but God’s words for that individual person and I started asking for his revelation to fall upon me so that I could pray the specific prayers that God wanted me to pray. I wanted people to hear not my prayers but God’s prayers for each individual. Most of the time, I didn’t get a revelation from God and I couldn’t hear God’s voice. I started asking why God?….. and then it struck me. I haven’t spent enough alone time with God during the trip for me to hear what God has to say. This comes to admitting another struggle I had and it was balancing my quality time with God and the ministry related works I had to do. I was struck by the fact that I was looking up my cashbook and checking the balance more than I was reading my Bible and spending time with God. As our team treasurer, I naturally wanted to do good job. But this clouded my thoughts I realized I was focusing too much time on money managing than on God. Even when Jesus was doing his ministry, he always had deep conversations with God. What Larry said while he was praying for me really struck me, that I am not here to do money calculations but I’m here to minister. That’s right. I wasn’t here to do all the calculations but I was here on a mighty mission sent by my God. I realized that because I was so caught up with the “works”, it diverted my attention away from God and Satan knew that and attacked me in that area. During my nights in Cambodia as I was checking the balance, I had a hard time having alone time with God and sleeping peacefully. There were nights when spirit of anxiety and frustration came upon me, when I woke up in tears from a dream about having my passport and money stolen, or when there were gigantic cockroaches on my arm and in my hair creating fear thus preventing me from sleeping soundly. I just thank God for my sisters and brothers each time I was attacked, they prayed against that spirit and went far as protecting me by stomping on the cockroaches boldly and fearlessly. After realizing that, I had the freedom of just worshipping God stress-free and the times I spent with God alone during the trip became intimate and he started to show me his heart for Cambodia and Thailand. During our prayer time together with both teams before our last ministry in Cambodia, God showed me a heart and hands were gently massaging and pumping the heart to bring life back. He was changing the numb hearts of Cambodia into living, beating hearts for God.

I was truly blessed and thankful for each member on our team (including Pastor Lim and Brother Piseth). We had such an amazing time in the van worshipping together, praising Him at the top of our lungs and dancing like crazy. Brother Piseth didn’t know the lyrics but he was worshipping God like a true worshipper. God would give us strength and joy and more of his spirit before arriving to a ministry and during the ministry time, the joy and the love that was bubbling up inside us in the van would increase and just burst out, overflowing with joyful laughter and creating a child-like heart, wanting more of God. I really had fun doing VBS with the children and the worship was powerful. I also enjoyed the sharing time in our team gatherings, in the van, and in our room where we would really open up and share what God has been showing to each member with such honesty and insight. I learned a lot by just listening to the sharing and testimonies, the spoken record of what God has done and was doing in their lives and also on the mission field. It was also a blessing when Brother Piseth shared his testimonies and God was telling me, there’s power when that testimony is shared reminding me of Pastor Christian’s sermon about the conquering power of testimonies. I know that the testimonies back in Cambodia and Thailand are not finished but the testimonies would go on and it will spread, bringing life back.

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