2009 Australia – Tina Kang

Dreams of a Hometown Revival

Tina Kang
July 2009

(Tina shared her testimony on August 9th at the Missions Reporting Service. Click here to listen.)

Before I decided to join the Australia mission team, I wasn’t really into the idea of going to missions to my hometown because I knew the people. I knew the state of the church and I also thought “what is God going to do through me?” God gave me a dream and He was telling me to wake up through that dream. After having that dream, my curiosity and expectations grew. After many weeks of training, it was time to go to Australia. Martin and I arrived in Australia earlier than the rest of the team. I got to meet some friends and family, I realized how much Australia needed revival. The rest of the team arrived and we went straight to the retreat. Battlefield went for a total of four days and it was EPIC!

A few incidents…Christine, a very shy and timid girl, who I was asked to pray for by her 1004, I didn’t get around to praying for her until a few nights later. When Christian released the team to go out and pray for people to receive the fire of the Spirit, I prayed for her and I didn’t feel led to pray for fire, I felt like her prayer life needed a boost. So I counseled her for a bit and asked her if she wanted to receive the gift of tongues. She was interested but didn’t say yes. The next morning, Christian did an altar call for people who wanted to receive the gift of tongues. I saw that Christine had come up and I was so blessed. After that session, I approached Christine and asked her if she had received it. She was so out of it, her answer was: “Yeah, I think so. I think so!”

Gooktae and Matt: Christian told us to go ahead and pray for people to receive the fire. I was a little scared cause I’ve never done this before. But I said okay and headed for the nearest boys. Their names were Gooktae and Matt. Gooktae was first. As soon as I touched him and prayed for him to receive the fire, he fell. No one was there to catch him. He was big. I was shocked. The next person, Matt, the same thing happened. I prayed for him to receive the fire. He started crying and fell. He was big too. No one caught him. Oops.

Zena and Sunfa: These two are best friends and I am really close to them. Zena is my sister, and before the missions, her prayer life and walk with God was very dry because her mind was filled with the lies of the enemy. So I prayed that she would receive the fire, and for God to transform her. She thought I was weird. I was praying New Philly style. I was conducting spiritual warfare and asking God to bless her. She was crying heaps, but afterward she said that I prayed different. I was loud and strong. I told her to be prepared because I’m nothing compared to the other New Philly members that were coming… During the retreat Zena came up to the majority of alter calls. I started off praying for her all the time and then I got nearly every member of the team to come and pray for her. She was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. The morning after the retreat had ended I woke up because of Zena. It was really early in the morning. She NEVER wakes up early. I asked her what she was doing. She said, “I’m going to pray.” I thought. “YES, HALLELUJAH!!!!” but said, “oh’ okay.” Later on we prayed together and Zena prayed for me. I was very blessed.

Sunfa was also having difficulties praying, so I prayed for her and got the members of the team to pray for her and the Holy Spirit touched her. She was TRANSFORMED.

I was really blessed to see the people that I know and love being radically changed by God. He reminded me of the prayers that I prayed before I came to Korea. I had been praying for specific people and churches in Australia for a long time, and I had lost hope because I didn’t see immediate results. And since I was having so much fun in Korea, I gradually stopped praying for my friends, but God is faithful, so very faithful.

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