2009 Australia – Anita Joo

Stirring the Waters of Healing and Deliverance

Anita Joo
July 2009

I’ve just returned from the most amazing week of my life, thus far! There really is nothing like witnessing people being healed and set free, touched by the consuming fire of God, and filled with the Holy Spirit! A team of us from New Philadelphia Church flew to Australia to minister at New Life Community Church’s (NLCC) winter retreat: “Battlefield.”

There were three main prayers I had lifted up before going to Australia: for divine appointments; to see a mighty army rise up and march forth from the “Battlefield” retreat; and for open doors to minister healing and deliverance even after the retreat. Hallelujah! God answers prayers!

I had several divine moments throughout the trip. Even before getting to the retreat centre, I “somehow” ^^ found myself sitting in the backseat of a car, staring at the back of the head of this girl who was sitting in the passenger’s seat. I began to picture awkward turtles in my head, when I felt a sudden boldness to break the silence and be a minister. I asked the girl what her expectations for the retreat were. For a moment, I saw them awkward turtles again. But soon she began to open up, sharing various issues she was struggling with that were holding her back from loving the Church. She really didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to experience another temporary spiritual high. But she felt God was telling her that it wasn’t going to be the same this time; that He’s been listening to her cries. God did a deep work of healing in her at the retreat. Day by day I saw her countenance change. Hallelujah!

I asked nearly everyone I met what their expectations for the retreat were. Well, they really didn’t have much. There was more fear and defeat in their answers—fear over experiencing yet another spiritual high that would eventually lead to an all-time low. Yet, I also saw an opening in their hearts—almost as if God had placed a doorstop there. He had good plans for them, and no longer were these patterns going to get in the way of victory. The enemy may have tried to seal doors with fear and bind the mind with past patterns of defeat, but God intervened with grace, hope and love. And I saw a might army rise up from the retreat!

Each day was a growing crescendo. The praise and worship grew in volume and passion. And by Sunday service, everyone was there to worship in spirit and in truth! A hunger for God grew deep and also wide, as we saw even a group of the most disinterested guys (a.k.a. “the Skinny Jeans Crew”) come under the fire of God.

We were all secret angels and were assigned humans. My human was a young man named Steve (name changed). Yes, he was part of “the crew.” He and his friends showed up with every intention to distract and annoy others. I really didn’t know what I could do for him. I stayed silent until the last night—the night that Fire fell. Right before the last session, a particular quote came to mind so I prayed that it would become his confession that very night:

“You breathed Your fragrance upon me…and in astonishment I drew my breath…now I pant for You! I tasted You, and now I hunger and thirst for You. You touched me!—and I burn to live within Your Peace.”

At one point during ministry time, I opened my eyes to see him on his knees in the corner, praying in tears. He was saved. God answered the years of prayers his brother and sister sowed for him. He was touched by the power of love! Now he is filled with a passion for prayer and a deeper hunger for God’s Word. Hallelujah!

Altar ministry was very different for me. I prayed and prophesied with greater boldness and sensitivity to the Spirit than ever. I refused to pray general prayers, even if it meant having to wait longer than usual to release prayers. Though I didn’t know them, the Father did! And He spoke to each in a personal way. Hallelujah!

I prayed for a sister from English Christian Fellowship (ECF) on the second night after ministry time. I shared with her a vision I saw and how I felt she needed to “step up to the plate.” She didn’t know how the vision could apply to her. For a moment I thought maybe I was off, but I felt a boldness rise up and I asked her to consider the vision and pray for a revelation. She came to me after the last session of the last day, jumping up and down, smiling. When Pastor Christian made the altar call for those who felt a full-time ministry calling on their life, she was reminded of the vision and felt an overwhelming stirring in her heart. When she stood at the altar, she began to shake and feel the weight of God’s presence. Hallelujah!

I prayed for this one brother who had been on fire and had even prayed in tongues before, but was now filled with doubt and disillusionment. After sitting there with him and listening to him for a while, not seeing much progress, I decided to pray for him again. Immediately, I was reminded of the “Father, I ask that you reveal yourself to _(name)_ within the next 48 hours” prayer that Patricia King prayed while out evangelizing. I believed with all my heart that that was exactly what God would do for this brother. And with boldness I declared that God would reveal Himself to this brother before the end of the retreat! The next evening, he went up to the Fire altar call and was consumed by the power of God. Hallelujah!

Many times during the altar call to receive tongues, I felt like just moving on to the next person. But each time, I felt a strong leading to help release faith. And each time, I saw tongues being released. Hallelujah!

This trip deepened my sense of calling to the ministry of inner healing. After the woman’s seminar on the Unmerciful Servant, we split up into smaller groups to share personal areas of unforgiveness. I had 3 girls in my group. Initially, a fear of judgment held them back. But the anointing was flowing in the room, and eventually one girl opened up and confessed her sin of unforgiveness towards an ex-boyfriend who had tried to rape her when she was drunk. The two went on as if nothing had happened. In the meantime, she felt hurt and betrayed by the very person who was supposed to protect her. Yet, she blamed herself because she had chosen to get drunk. After she repented of the sin of drunkenness, she felt ready to forgive her ex-boyfriend. She had been crying from the start, but the minute she said, “I forgive him because You’ve forgiven me,” the chains of unforgiveness broke and she felt free. She couldn’t believe she just shared everything with us, but she felt good. Hallelujah!

The testimony doesn’t end there. When the second girl began to share, the first girl was now crying with the second girl and comforting her. The girls were healed and set free, and were now ministering healing and deliverance. Hallelujah!

God continued to open doors to minister healing and deliverance even after the retreat. A number of girls had scheduled a session with Erin after the retreat. I was happy when Erin said she felt I needed to minister with her. Another prayer answered! There really isn’t anything that puts greater joy in my heart than to see God reveal His love and heal the brokenhearted. God used this trip to stir up new waters in me, Hallelujah!

My trip to Australia was truly E P I K ! And yet, there’s so much more to come! Thank you for sowing into this testimony with your financial support and faithful prayers.

Victory in Christ!

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